Road runner Feathers?

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How valuable is roadrunner feathers?

I saw a request basket the other day (can’t remember where exactly) that was coined and offering 7000c per feather. I’ve seen them being sold anywhere between 8 - 12k. So yea, pretty valuable! :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks

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Not that I have killed a lot of them (70 total on all worlds) and have gotten ONE feather. Either I am very unlucky or that shows you how rare they are.

Only the really big fancy ones have the chance to drop them.

Stouts… I get them 1 out of every 5 kills (give or take) with max luck, on shedu.

What’s your secret? I’m lucky to get one off of five strong bois. Maxed luck too

I know a spot on malucrib or however it’s spelled I will try and find it and post the location today it’s a big lake with flat land all around it just run around killing all the road runners that show up

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idk they just get trapped around my house, so i can stand there and shoot them from my walls.

Price depends in how desperate the buyer is. I personally think they are over priced. I like paying 6-7k max. I would normally only pay that if I needed them right away. Most shops have them for about 6-7k now aswell.