Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, Body Paint and more!


And update to chat and chat channels and offline mesaging!


Can’t wait for Farming especially since that seems to add a whole bunch of new gameplay which I really, really want!

Time to add some plots to designate for my Farm/Greenhouse :smiley:


Send in a fireteam of 3-6


But ehmm, ehmm, ehmmm, how about those T7+ planets???

And what timeline are we talking about here? I soooo want fresh new content! Not that I’m bored, but something new would be nice!

Even a simple addition like a few new planets right now would help tide me over, new colours to use, new landscapes to check out and if they are T5/T6 planets all the better!

As many more have said, it would be nice if there were T5/T6 planets in all regions of each type. No idea how good/bad the connection is between USE and USW but if it’s good they only need 1 together I suppose. Still this would mean 12 new planets in 1 fell swoop and make a lot of people happy! Gem prices are dropping anyways :wink:

But also add a few more T1-T4, hehe, even some T1 worlds are starting to feel a little full right now…



yay I wasn’t the downer this time!. I’m definitely with you on your view, but maybe these big changes get pushed out to the game before the Holiday Rush. That’d be something else if they were able to get some key features in like farming/guilds/high tier planets just as the rush hits. All those steam and PSN cards waiting to be spent post Holidays.


Will body paint be in-game craftable or will it cost cubits?

I hoping in-game. Cubits are too scarce to spend on cosmetics.


For the love of god, please no more T1 planets


I dunno, Shadow of the Colossus had 2 bosses (1/8th of the game’s content), be creatures that were about the size of a normal horse. I think if you make them look cool and flavor them to be runts, or younglings, or something, you could make it work.




i think it would be cool if you could create an item “body paint”,
that is kind of a consumable that gives you a buff.
it would show on your avatar
and after a while it would wear of,
maybe increasing atributes temporarily


While I may not be a fan of the buff part of your suggestion, it would be interesting if body paint was crafted and could be sold. Provide a market for those players that like to change body paint frequently. Some players think we could use more product in the economy, maybe body paint could be one.


to be honest, it would be fantastic without the buffs already. A consumable cosmetic would be awesome if there is enough variability in it, so you can have a magnitude of combinations of colours and shapes that you even would be able to layer. I personaly would love that ^^ and for sure it would be awesome for guilds as they could have their individual “Tribal Marks”. To be able to trade with a cool design would be such a great opportunity. :smiley:


I have to say this is hugely disappointing as a roadmap. People quitting the game in droves due to a lacking end game and this is the solution? One mob? Guilds? One holiday event? Boring ass farming? None of this is going to stem the player loss that we are experiencing or attract new players to the game. Another nail in the coffin.


What would you rather see on the roadmap?


Lovely update! But James!! With the Body paint… please add different Facial shapes and female voices for the Oortian. I cry everyrime i hear “AKTUBYO!” in male voices when i wave hello :joy:


Because nothing says winter festival season like hunting something down and killing it.

Maybe we’ll see jolly fat cuttletrunks with long white tentacles that toss exploding sugarplums?


Can’t wait for the farming update!


or winter titans…

called it!


Very Exciting. And now that the game is more stable I’m confident we could withstand a rush of new players (hopefully teir 7 & 8 planets in Jan of next year). Steam sale for Christmas anyone?

lol, all joking aside. I am excited for the new social features, those are always key to keeping an MMO alive. Farming will be interesting, I already have a few “gardens” in my main base’s build. It would be cool to actually grow things.

I would greatly appreciate some fishing and new foods introduced at sometime as well, I’m sure its something you guys have at least considered. And of course I do hope we will eventually be able to make Oort made lakes and ponds, but baby steps (I understand wanting to be careful with how those mechanics are handled). Anyway, I’ve talked long enough. Thank you for the road map, I hope to be along for the ride for a long while to come :slight_smile:


This is starting to sound very much like Trove clubs. Please no. That caused so many people to rage-quit and many much loved clubs to crumble. Especially when they started requiring two whole new forms of currency to upgrade clubs to receive buffs. Builder’s clubs and smaller clubs also turned to dirt because of this. Numbers dipped & shortly after they laid off staff.

Whomever creates/builds a city/guild should always be the founder/owner unless they relinquish their role to another. If if turns into a popularity/voting contest & the place I build & spend $$ on (to buy cubits) is handed to someone else…I’ll never spend another penny.


Sandboxes & “end game” generally don’t go in the same sentence with each other. You may be able to max your gear, but you can still build/mine/forge/skill/etc. Not really an “end”.