Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, Body Paint and more!


Tapping intensifies



Sound for the hunter xD


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Read the roadmap notes and I’m not sure how I feel. For one I defenitly see some interesting progress being proposed. Even though some people in my circle of friends don’t like it, some cosmetics, events and a new skill set like farming sounds intriguing. My unease stems from the fact that I don’t see more playable content anywhere in the distant future. By “playable content” I mean new possibility harder words like t7 & t8. And of course the much talked about titans. I feel like there has to be some difficult and rewarding replayable end game like content to keep the nonbuilder/farm simulator crowd playing. I already am the last player left in my circle of PS4 friends who feel like they already accomplished everything and are not interested in building anything else. In my city at Caphonex Merika a good 30% of the beacons expired the day before yesterday and much of the town is starting to feel like a ghost town. So even though I like cosmetics and possibly something new like farming. Some new challenging content is needed.

P.S: When am I getting my flying cuttle trunk mount? I don’t care if it’s the rarest drop in any game ever made and if i have to raise the damn thing from egg to flying cuttle trunk. We need something to ride around in…


Nope. I quit. Not having that chase me around. If anyone wants my stuff, my beacons expire in 3 weeks :wave:


They were because all the dungeons & everything are the same…toxic players…nothing for maxed players to do except shadow towers over and over. I’d not seen so many people leave as I did when they messed up the clubs. Even OP/OG players & clubs were not happy with it.


For those of us not familiar w/ Trove, what about clubs frustrated people?


Body paints!
And–gasp farming!!!

Omg best update ever!!!

@james hey!! Tell the team you are all awesome!


Warning…wall of text…sorry.

Trove is basically is very similar to Minecraft, Boundless, OSRS (in a few ways), etc. Clubs= clans/guilds.

Someone gathers the supplies & $$ to create a club. This “leader/founder” has absolute control of everything…they can ban/kick people out, they can hold special events, give specific permissions for certain people to build or change things, host dungeon hunts, etc.

Trove added club “fixtures” that give buffs to a club & it’s members. The fixtures have levels. The higher the level, the larger the buffs everyone rec’d. You have to go do certain tasks/adventures to gather a specific currency. Then you have to convert it in a club fixture to clubits that the club can use to pay rent on their fixtures. They made the tasks boring, super-long drawn-out, PITA that NO ONE wanted to do. It made the game not fun. All of the beautiful builds in the clubs got erased and replaced with these ugly pre-made fixtures. They became front & center in every club. Everyone fled the small clubs that couldn’t gather enough of the new currency for the fixtures. They fled to the few large clubs that used an exploit to quickly gather the currencies needed to get top tier fixtures. Then Trove nerfed that loop-hole and no one else was able to upgrade their clubs so they lost all their members. It’s complicated…didn’t need to be.


They also added a thing where if the club leader didn’t login often enough, in their opinion…their club would be GIVEN to a random club member. These people usually griefed the club … stealing all the portals, $$$ fixtures, etc or it was given to a player that didn’t want the responsibility of running a club. People spend actual irl $$$ buying in-game currency and items from the market to build clubs…to have that just handed to someone for them to grief, destroy, or not want sent people running from the game.


Trove went downhill, laid off employees, and was just recently acquired by a phone app company. RIP


I highly doubt it would go that way here.
I think everyone would be against mechanics like that where you have to gather stuff (or spend real money) to convert to a new currency (or even cubits)… also passing it off to someone randomly is a no-no. I dont even think one person should be in control of it all anyway.
Its ok to have a leader but only for a title or founder. Everyone in the guild should be equal or maybe have roles… I am in favour of voting systems though.


Voting does concern me. I think it could add a new level of griefing. Since there’s not many players in BL, it wouldn’t take a large group to ban together and vote out all of the club leaders and take over everything. I don’t want to spend irl $ on plots and my days building something I love for it to be taken away or name-griefed. But if that’s part of the BL mechanics, then so be it I guess.


Im mainly talking about a vote to accept someone into the guild.
I love how my words are always taken out of context.
I guess thats what happens on the internet.
Gosh “vote” is such a buzzword these days.


Lol, you’re right. I did misunderstand what you meant by voting. I hadn’t heard of voting people into a guild. :+1:


@james this structure doesn’t really seem like we’re going to see much new content. If you continue the pattern you’re on,
An update every 2 weeks, alternating between bug fixes and content. You’re only going to be releasing 1 content update a month. Looking at the last few content updates, you might actually release more to the players using the 3 month model


Gonna get mighty crowded if they never add new T1’s…


Whoever voted no, i kind of hate you a little. But i guess there are more important features that need to be implemented so the Titans are juuust right.


I’m wondering about the guilds and will players be forced to join one, and if they don’t what rights will they have? I’m a sociable person, enjoy interacting with people, but at the same time I like to make my own decisions. My son is, well, officially social phobic borderline agoraphobic, so he doesn’t do well in interacting with others. He will chat when he has to, but won’t want to be part of a group, especially if forced.
So, what are the consequences for someone who doesn’t want to join a guild, or joins but doesn’t want to interact much with the others? Do their part, but not much into getting with the gang type of events.


Don’t underestimate farming. I was a twitch shooting maniac until story of seasons/harvest moon+minecraft and its sheep came along.
Killed my aggression and dragged me into its loop.