Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, Body Paint and more!


Guilds sounds great! Been having a lot of fun in guilds in other games.
I love farming too.
But I think you need to do something rather fast, because people are leaving the game.
I would prefer guilds :slight_smile:


Trove was a great game tbh, clubs were a good thing it felt like it gave more reasons to stay active with the game and it gave everyone that wanted to play trove something to do.

I still have like 22mil flux on that game


It was great. I have almost 500 members in my club, hosted pinata parties, etc. I had a feeling something was going down at the studio though. Their last few friday streams (before the “vacation”) were horrible.

I was looking forward to U10…something new to do. I have teal wings and maxed out in Geode already. I wonder what Scythe will do now? lol


@Janna55 I wouldn’t worry too much on it being a forced issue as I’m sure it won’t be.
However as far as benefits go it may be beneficial and that’s where you either make your own if that is feasible or I’m sure there will be plenty that won’t require constant interaction.
We will just have to wait and see how it all pans out


sounds perfect next up monorail best dev’s in the world


I know that for one thing I hope is going to be fixed with the guild, and more for others than my son and me, is the settlement takeover problems. It wouldn’t be so bad if they could merge and yet retain their individual names. Think of towns, states and countries. I identify myself as from my home area, somewhere, state of Ohio country of United States of America. So it would be settlement name, city name and planet name.
Anyhow, there has to be a middle ground, somewhere. Hopefully


And WHAT will? What are the suggestions you’ve posted in the forum for ways to solve this problem you seem to feel the game has?


I talked with Ollie yesterday and we discussed the basic approach and the status. The plan they have solves the problem at a base level around naming.

They fully understand the challenges around this problem and many others we have and are trying to find the best solutions to deploy that won’t cause other issues.


No one will be forced to join a guild. They see no need for that… guilds are an support function and community need - not a requirement.


Work is work… if you have to design, code, deploy something it makes no difference if it is a 1 day or 1 month or whatever cycle. The backend development process is what is key. They need to focus on that…

I think a shorter release cycle allows them to add things and watch how the game users it and continue to stay the most agile considering the larger issues and things they are trying to solve. It is very important in this phase since release was pushed up to stay very agile.


That’s difficult to know. The game was presumably released far earlier than they planned on due to outside issues. Correct or not?

People like me originally on ths PS4 bought this game thinking it was packing what the trailer promised. It didn’t.

It crashed massively for the first 1.5months on the PS4. Our household struggled to maintain interest as a result of 10-15 crashes a morning or evening.

As a result the team had to devote a ton of resources to fleshing out the PS4 issues and quarantining and curing the best they could, as fast as they could. During this time PS4 players quit logging in and people who were wanting new content quit logging in. 2 different demographics competing against each other, both needing fixes/additions, and both suffering as a result.

There’s no magic fix bullet here. You can’t say “WHAT will” or what needs to be suggested. The complaints ARE the suggestions. The developers are the ones who have to find the fix. That’s quite literally what both demographics paid for. People seldom post on forums unless they’re upset. It’s another avenue of customer service.

As irritated as our household was with the PS4 crashes, we stuck around because the game has a fun core, structure, premise. etc. It needs more fleshing out to be great, and that means time, and time means money. Both things that seem to have plagued the team and caused them to release early putting us where we are now.

Their strides with the PS4 crashes were enough for me to buy a steam key for the game and my kids play the PS4 copy now. We’re still holding off on buying more accounts for the other PS4’s/PC’s as we are waiting to see what happens by the end of the year and where rental servers are.

So it really comes down to what the dev team is capable of doing with the window of life support they were given by releasing when they did and getting that extra cash infusion from folks like myself who purchased at 1.0. You can not put the onus on the community to address this, or the team is going to be pulled in many directions, as they already have been, it feels. That’s purely speculative but seeing what has been worked on and released since 1.0 that’s what it appears.

This team is definitely hardworking and wants to make this succeed. I have no doubts about that. Some games feel like a blatant cash grab. I dont think Boundless falls under that umbrella.

That said, I think guilds and farming are great systems to be added and will make a large part of the base content and looking forward, depending on the time frame in which they can deliver. How many more people would want PvE content and are going to be put off from this? We don’t know. We could do a forum poll but that would only measure the response of people that monitor the forums. It doesnt reach out to those who have quit or dont bother looking at forums to begin with. How much of the player population is that?

Complaints are just as valid as suggestions. They should be treated as such. Something is driving people off, they might not be able to tell you. They can just say theyre put off. Thats on the manufacturer/retailer/servicer/developer to figure out and address.

I agree completely with this. These smaller cycles allow them to swing a small hammer quickly to iron things out if need be and provide something routinely for the base in the form of fixes and/or content. When they’re able to do both at the same time, it’s like a special day for the players.


Thanks for the feedback… I, though, really want to hear from the person that I quoted. I think if people are going to be super critical especially if it is a post on actual content release they need to then provide solutions.


I understand. I just know I’ve posted things like they* have several times so it’s very easy for me to relate to what they* are saying.

edit: sorry gender assuming


This is something I have mixed feelings about, and depending what the buffs entail. I feel I will most likely be against this kind of thing.

The buffs this gives out, should be very small, If at any time it ever feels like a requirement to join a guild to get some kind of buff, to be able to progress in the game. Then I feel whatever it is you added is too much. The buff should only be something that is kind of nice to have, but you can do with out it and be 100% fine. I also hope the buffs are not combat related.

Also I feel it is a major problem to have both buffs and the ability, to join as many guilds as you want. I feel this will create the meta, where there will be a “super guild” for lack of a better word. That absolutely everyone who cares about the buff, will be in, and set as their main guild just for the sake of having the top of the line buffs I have the odd feeling the portal seeker guild will most likely become this. Joining a guild should be about, being with a group of people who you respect, and have similar goals and Ideologys. it should NOT be because you just want some kind of bonus. so if you want to have buffs. I feel then you should only be allowed to join one guild.

🔁 The Guild of the Infinite wants YOU!
Art: Guild Buff Machine

I would agree that buffs as part of the guild should be designed as part of items or other guild objectives that must be achieved at various levels. I would also say that it must be only 1 guild per person then or something… At an overall level buffs should be an additional component and nothing inherent to guilds… Guild should be about the community, building, goals, etc.


Lol forgot about that guy, used to watch all his videos though lol


Any ETA on an economy fix? Either by returning footfall to its unbroken April 2018 intended state or by adding a new way to make coins? The economy has been fatally anemic for almost 3 weeks now.


I am taking bets on the farming being in form of animal breeding rather than crops based on the specific mention of “not carrots and cabbages”


Any word on when update 206 will be released on test server?