Roadmap please

Starving to know what direction this game is going in. A roadmap like the one I suggested in an earlier post would give everyone an idea of what kind of game this is going to shape into.
I’m considering this game to still not be released fully until titans are in game.
The steam review still says pvp in game so maybe we won’t be care bear forever.

I think it’s more fluid than a set direction. The devs seem to use our feedback a lot, and make changes they think will benefit us all.
Putting road maps out in the past has lead to people having high expectations for things (hunter etc) I try to just be happy with what we have (which is a LOT!) rather than waiting for new things.

Creative has dropped for PC, that’s a huuuge one. Even if I am a ps4 minion haha. And they’re working heavily on beacon mechanics right now.

I know my reply isn’t helpful at all, but I don’t think roadmaps are either when they’re not followed to the T!


No need to follow a road map to a t. it just will give us an idea of what will be coming to the game at some point in time in the future if something gets pushed back then they can change the ETA to tba and that wouldn’t be an issue because we will still have the basics of understanding where this game is headed.

I don’t have a roadmap other than what we saw a while back that included farming, Hunter, etc but I can provide the following that I’m pretty confident would be on a roadmap for the near future:

  1. Hunter
  2. Full creative mode
  3. Hosted worlds/universes
  4. Expanded Lua hooks for modding
  5. Expanded APIs for modding/tooling
  6. More wearables including pants and shirts
  7. Official mod support for the main game (essentially bring popular mods from hosted worlds over to the main game so long as they don’t affect things like the economy, fairness, etc).
  8. PS4 mod support

That’s what I’m aware of at the moment.

EDIT: Also, what @Trickyy90 said is 100% accurate. The devs are VERY good at listening to feedback and adjusting course based on what the community wants.




Of course creative mode is not on the website or the steam page so maybe what they are doing is waiting for some of the larger changes they are making to happen or at least reach test, before they rewrite the steam descriptions and update the website. Of course at that time maybe they just remove PvP from the description so players do not think that is the main focus of the game.

We should all start looking at ancient markings and rock formations to see if we were really visited by these so called titans.

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