Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!


That would take a big chunk of gameplay motivation away, though.


Smeagol: “Combustion Fraction? What is Combustion Fraction Precious?”


Depends on execution.



Are there going to be any new skills for the farming update? :thinking:




haha see guys? they really listen to us! even though they might not respond immediately or even to the thread :stuck_out_tongue:


hooo! here we go! this right here will get me more active.


oooh cool! I thought it was going to be a brew buff full stop. this is a neat idea!

:OOOO :exploding_head:
you guys.
this one’s for me!


very nice! I look forward to using these! (i never really used the other locks)

shudders in fear
puts up hood


whoa cool! this sounds really interesting and coherently complex!

Amazing, guys.
You are all doing a fantastic job. THANK YOU!!


Thankyou for all the upcoming information.


@james now we just need craftable/ forgeable armor after farming

POLL: Crafting armor / weapons


oh right hmm… well i just hope there is a LOT of gleam or things that can be coloured. i’m okay with ores being rare, because the next planet will have the exact same thing whereas with coloured stuff the next planet would have a different colour of gleam for example.


This will create some real money making market I imagine these worlds will be completely hollowed out.


i kinda hope so! heh :stuck_out_tongue:




lots of gleam


In regards to the exoworlds, once one expires does the system automatically update and release a new one or is there a down time/manual release for the next one? We will also be able to tell the state of the expworld as in how long it has until it expires?


And how will we know one has spawned?


shadow rolls in

“That’s no moon…”


Aaand mic drop.


Placeable Water and Lava!!!



Wow, James, seriously dude, you’re getting the hang of it! This is awesome!

This is what we (or at least I do, before someone tells me that I’m not speaking for everyone :wink: ) want to read! More info!

Love it! Love it! Love it!


I have what is both a gift and curse with everything I read or hear, I get a mental image of.
This. This made me cackle. Loved that mental image and I totally feel for you all. But I’m still gonna laugh. :laughing:

All of this sounds so awesome! Thank you all!

So delighted about farming coming in. Heck, I think just the placable water and lava was enough to get ppl excited.
Will creature farming/ranching be added at a later time? I understand it probably adds a lot of complexity that I’m perfectly fine waiting for, and am currently happy having any kind of farming. Im just curious for when i start terraforming for my future life as a farmer and what i should plan for. :grinning: