Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!





Great roadmap!

Putting the final tier of materials on a planet with new rules is a perfect two-fer. The tier feels fundamentally different than gem tier without having to make the tools themselves do something different. And it immediately gives the new exoworlds system its killer feature.

I’m sure you’re full of ideas on what to do with exoworlds but I would especially hunt for ideas in the revenue-generating area. The temporary and non-essential vibe of an exoworld may lend itself to new opportunities. I’ll start brainstorming and post if I think of anything.

Next, I like the sense of guild identity that is starting to emerge based on which buffs the guild chooses to run, as it will be increasingly impossible to have them all. I think lean into that and keep giving guilds a way to project their identity into the game.

With that said I will now advocate for some new restrictions and relaxations on guild mechanics. I think there should be a max amount of helixes that can apply to one faction at any given time. This is to cap the power gap that will form between the truly top tier guilds that can afford all the buffs simultaneously, and the majority of guilds which will only be able to fund a handful. It changes it so that a mega guild’s strength comes from the playstyle variations it offers its members rather than how many buffs it can stack.

To make up for that nerf, I think you need to greatly reduce the guild buff FOMO. Right now it’s really penalizing to miss out on the guild buffs. I say let ppl receive buffs that are already activated, but give them a 24h cooldown on how often they can change factions for a different set of buffs.

tl;dr: put the buffs on the factions, give them to players upon joining that faction, put a 24h cooldown on switching factions, and cap the buffs to 3 per faction.

Okayy, on to farming. There’s a lot of cultivating domains here, I suggest releasing the simplest one first so you can get a round of player feedback in time before you introduce the next one. Even if they’re only a week apart it will be valuable. Starting with the ones that produce decorative blocks will provide the least shock to the economy and give you an idea of the magnitude of farming’s impact. That way you can ensure it doesn’t undermine mining/gathering. I think farming should be slow and inevitable whereas mining/gathering is same-day delivery and effort-intensive. It should be possible to keep one from cannibalizing the other that way.

That’s all I got for now, well played this weekend.


Are we going to get permanent t7 worlds as well?


■■■■’in hell yes. Please, please, please, please, do something with Silted blocks. Give it a use in Farming. Maybe even gravel as well.


Great stuff.
Hopefully that after that Farming is not going to be a thing!


Private (preferably rented so as to be a source of income for you) planets please.


Placeable water. Placeable water. Placeable water. Placeable water. Ermagawd! Lots of good stuff here, thanks.


Player made dungeons. This means mob spawners of a dungeon specific mobs (such as something like an organic robot version of the Protector), trap systems of ancient, medieval, and future design (so there’s variety), boss mob spawners, a dungeons specific beacon permissions and settings to be able to set a plot claim area to a dungeon “zone”, a lootable chest at the end that spawns some sort of random reward. The reward could be coin, a smart stack of a common building material, a stack of something rare, a decent forged item perhaps, etc. Something to make it work it. Perhaps that reward could be linked to the dungeon’s prestige even though I think that can easily be manipulated.

Basically, player made dungeons. A whole package for the feature that lets a D&D DM, like myself, dig into the game again and make some epic fun creation that people can run through multiple times. I’d buy $500 worth of plots over time just to make sure I had the plots to build it. :smiley:


I could have sworn that only 3 buffs were allowed to be active per guild/faction. And I’m in ultima as my main and can say we don’t have an easy time keep 3 buffs at max lvl. And far as I know we have none for the factions so they get the ones from the main guild.





I would love to see more furniture and interior design blocks. I love to build lots of houses and city blocks and would love something to decorate those houses with other than tables and chairs. I would think it would be relatively easy to put in more deco blocks as opposed to wild new stuff also!


Yes defiantly player made dungeons! I am building my plots with that in mind so also an option in the original beacon that would allow you to switch a normal beacon into a dungeon beacon to avoid having to completely re-plot everything.


Great, looks like i’ll have to expand my storage areas… again LOL


Awwwww…maaaaaan. I never even thought of that, lol.


No Regen on the Exo Worlds is exactly how it should be, a temporary playground where people can do whatever they like till the world vanishes. Please I hope it stays like this, I wanna see the massive impact that players have on these worlds without them regenerating.


Oh how I love this game! :nerd_face::+1::heartpulse:

Thanks @james and team!


THISSS! I built my house shortly after release with a bunch of empty rooms in preparation for this (if it ever comes)!


Ok, THIS will be a game-changer. I don’t think exo-worlds are gonna make me come back right away, but placeable water/lava will definitely do the trick. Being able to make water-canals, aquaducts, waterfalls, artificial rivers and pounds…
Shut up and take my cubits!

Furniture. Furniture everywhere.
I want my home beacon to look like an Ikea demo-room.

More easy-to-craft block variety
The marble and other blocks that were added recently were nice, but waaaaaaaaaay too expensive to mass-produce.

• Crafting UI rework
Currently, the UI of the machines are in my top-5 of worst video-game UI. The devs keep adding things with each updates, making the lists longer and longer. We need a better UI to navigate in all machine’s crafting list.

• Also a better way to organize power-coils around the machines in my workshop, with maybe something similar to spark-links.