Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!


What i would like to see?

Backer planets.


I’m mostly looking forward to the farming as I can see these temporary planets just being demolished by all the high end forged hammers before the majority of average players really gets a look in.


As GreyArt247 pointed out. Will there be permanent T7 worlds? I agree with him/her that being temporary worlds presents a problem for players who do not have enough time to dedicate to them game but still log in as often as possible.

It would sort of be like logging in and being forced to play that aspect of the game based on availability. That’s ok with holiday events, but I myself do not like it with what’s suppose to be a core aspect of the game.


Temporary worlds have been something the devs wanted to experiment with for a while now. Give the idea a chance first.

Though I am not looking forward to seeing Rift, Blink, and Dark Matter being sold for thousands of coin per each in shops.


Always depend on how many temp world we get per weeks. if only 1 yes, if many might not be that high.


Only 1 would be stupid.

I hope we get half a dozen. One to cover each gem while also covering each Special resource. So 2 worlds with Rift, 2 with Blink, 2 with Dark Matter.

Not sure if that’s possible but they’re called Special worlds for a reason. Hard to say how they will turn out. :man_shrugging:


I would hope for at least one per region. I would be very upset if EU is getting one and my net decides to suck that day. I can only play on EU servers 3/4 of the time.


Yeah, 6 is too many IMO but there should be 4 up at any given time, one per region.

Reason and explanation for those curious -
Let’s pretend there’s a 4 day cycle per world for simplicity. EU world pops first, one day later USE world, then USW, then AUS. On day 5, EU world disappears forever, replaced by a new world! On day 6, USE world is replaced, and so on.

This gives us 4 worlds at a time, and doesn’t upset any region balancing concerns. Also - the worlds up at any given time do NOT have to always be the same tier, etc. It can be random and still be worth doing!

Of course the cycle length could be longer, and the planet number higher if the devs want it to be, its just an example


I think temporary worlds would actually be good for that very reason… if a world is temporary than it can’t be plotted by players who have endless cubits. This way casual players will have the same playing field when finding resources… :+1:



I was just thinking about you with these new worlds…

“Could Aridhol, with his group of players…fully destroy a temporary world 1 time to just prove it could be done?”

Lol look up in the sky and see a planet that looks like an apple core :slight_smile:


It’s probably not possible with the locks specifically, but will we be able to give doors an autoclose?


I think the perfect cycle would be to have 4 planets, one per region like you said, but leave the worlds up until one gets below a certain % of blocks left then delete it and spawn another one in that region. then wait till the next planet gets blow a certain block % etc


Lol! Once upon a time, I bet it could have been done :slight_smile:


i was thinking something like a planet every 2-3 days that last 2 weeks to give players the opportunity to :

  • have a chance for player to mine the special resources (pretty sure these will be mined pretty fast after its up)

  • Get a better variation in the block color scheme (have heard the regen. bomb will works on them)

+Maybe more Variation in the planet type like more meteors, more specific type of plant to gather etc…


Only if the non-backer rental planets are released at the same time or week :slight_smile:


Yeah. I want rental worlds of all kinds to be released at the same time. It make zero sense for any other out come.


NICE!!! Looking forward to all this.
Also am loving the new atlas way better than it use to be. Keep up the good work.


Yeap sure. But the fact that some one dropped hefty amount of cash for designing a planet.
I havent,but i feel bad for those who have and i think its pretty cruel how they just ignore this.
I dunno facts has there been like some skype calls etc about them… but sounds pretty rip off (in my opinion ofc).


Someone who threw down that kind of money as a backer is more patient than the average gamer. They know what’s coming down the pipe eventually, as long as wanderstruck stays cash positive. What they did was an investment in to the game and a perk just so happens to be able to design a planet, at some point. Those who invested that sort of money are going to be concerned more with the games success than the fact they get to design a planet.


When will come native Linux Support? @james