Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!


My biggest concern with temp worlds is that I will never get to enjoy them.

Because of the time I play, I miss EVERYTHING.

I’m really going to hate it if I never get any of the limited time stuff besides rock. (I even see the trees being farmed away real quick.)

As for regions, multiple worlds at once is just silly. I see it more likely that they will cycle through the regions.

Hopefully they rotate the drop time as well. (Hook a fella up with a 10pm Pacific drop, huh?)


Regen bombs will work, so you wouldn’t miss out on everything.

But I get your concern, I guess the devs will have taken all this into consideration and try to even it out a bit.

However, I do see these designed to be limited resource areas, and if everyone was able to get all the resources with ease, they would be kinda pointless!


Well after these updates farming and Exoworlds and hunter which are great btw, I would like the melee weapons and some advanced skills to train of some kind as I mentioned in my post before :P.


I feel your pain, my work day with commute is 14 hours on average. Add in sleep and I will probably miss out on many temp worlds.


You have time to sleep!!! :exploding_head:


About 4 hours a night and on the bus to and from work lol.


I’m lucky, I usually get about 5 hours sleep at night, …i can’t sleep going to and from work though… people beebing their horns at me when i stop at traffic lights keep waking me up :sleeping::hushed:


Personally, I’m being patient about it, but it is definately one of those topics seemingly not talked about a lot, if at all. I’ve been gone a while and surprised I’m not just the odd ball out in this from being away from the game. lol

Still, I do realise that bringing in 30 or 40 new planets is not a small task.


@james since there will be no natural regeneration, I guessing regeneration bombs won’t work/ won’t travel to these planets?


Unnecessary dev tag. They have answered this.
Regen bombs will work on exo worlds but not for ores like blink, darkmatter, rift but will work for gleam.


I was thinking that a security force field type door might work/ be cool.


to add to your comment maybe add a search feature in the ui


If you read the thread I linked about UI rework, at the end of it, James posted that a crafting UI rework has been in the works for months already, and there’s at least one picture to showcase it. There’s a seach feature and an option to choose how the UI is displayed. It basically is everything I asked in said thread and more. ^^


Regen bombs will work.

It’s the automatic regenerations and resource redistribution that we’re choosing to disable. It’s an idea to make the worlds different and special and more interesting.


A few people want to know if we will have permanent t7 and 8 planets. Or will they all be temp.




For farming does it need sunlight or can it be done underground?


How long do these Exo planets last?

Will they be here for a standard number of days? Or will regeneration and extermination be dictated by a fluid variable such as percent mined or percent of resources left?

Are we talking 3-5 days? or 7-12 days? or hours??
What kind of mad rush do I need to prepare for?

BAHHHH Whatever it is… Thanks Wonderstruck for your ever persistent hard work, and for quieting some of those requests for a roadmap!


Two questions:

  1. This placeable lava and water, will it have the same physics as world generated blocks of the same type? i.e spilling over solid blocks like a waterfall

  2. Will the placeable lava damage players the same way world generated lava does?


@james When obtaining water/lava, assuming we still use an empty bucket to acquire the water/lava, will the action of taking the water/lava to be the same as destroying the source block?