Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!

  1. At least they had in EA when we got the chance to test those
  2. Yes . ((It did in ea)


I’m guessing the farming will drop in 4 weeks


Thank you very much. Hopefully these traits transfer over when the blocks are implemented in official.


will vessels like Bowls, basins or fountains be added at some point? it would compliment the added water and lava features.


@james Yes, knowing whether or not farming would require sunlight would be nice or if any sort of light source would do. It could influence building projects around farming.


are planets on a day/night cycle
I remember switching between characters and I swear one was day and the other was night



Since all the players on the same planet see the same day/night cycle.

You probably just switched at dusk or dawn…


Farming does require sunlight.

This is possible if the alt was low level and yet to complete the tutorial. New players retain daylight until the tutorial is complete or they achieve a certain level.

How far out is farming
How far out is farming

So this means we can’t have underground hydroponics… kind of a disappointment but understandable.

I guess this means plan b is in order. lol

Thanks for clearing that up.


At least I’m not crazy


Oh wow, didn’t know that!


*** Irrigated with PLACEABLE water ***



I wonder if the EXO worlds will have levels? Or will they all be considered T7?

Will we need atmospheric protections?

Will they have a random mix of resources or will it be like the current planets, that have a few specific ores/gems/etc?

Can we make an atlas for them? If so, does the atlas disappear when they do? (I’m totally cool with it, if this is the case)


Exoworlds are temporary worlds that will join and leave the universe. They can be any level. (If they were only Level 7+, then many players wouldn’t be able to experience them.)

Level 7+ worlds (often called Special worlds) will require atmosphere protection. This is a gating system to make sure that you’re ready for the world.

Level 7+ worlds will have their own resource profiles. They do contains the special material blocks: rift, blink, etc.

Atlases do work on the Exoworlds. But when the exoworld leaves the universe then the atlas will reset. (This is mainly for technical reasons and trying to keep things simple for us.)

Exo planet history

RIP atlas collectors who wanted to sell them after the planets were gone


You can sell them when they’re still around.


That much is true!

For me, the biggest concern for exoworlds is that having tier 7 worlds be time-gated will mean that unless you happen to mine there in the first day or 2, you’l miss out on getting the materials becuase the hotspots will already be cleaned out, having to wait potentially weeks for the next batch of worlds to spawn only to have it happen again.

Obviously if the planets were to change quickly enough (every few days) or if we had quite a few exoplants at a time, it would slow this down, but i believe its still something to be weary about


Would it be possible for someone to post the craft recipe for the advanced locks please?


If the planet is gone, then there would be no logical reason for the atlas to remain, right? :woman_shrugging:


I think they reset to blank