Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!


Have you decided how often they will spawn? How long will they last? Will they last the same amount of time? (ie: 24 hours until they expire)


I’d buy them. I like to collect! :slight_smile:




Thanks, I was expecting more to that recipe.


Sshussh … they forgot to add the advanced bonding agent, wax and shimmering orbs :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:


I figured ancient tech remnants lol


If the resources are exhausted in the first day or 2 then we have the balance wrong.

It might take a few attempts to get it right.

We have some ideas - but it’s not final until it happens! (And not even then.) Let me flip it around…

Assuming we want 1 Exoworld per region initially, what do you think should be the cycling routine? How long should they last? How often should they be cycled? Should there be downtime? How would you balance it?


I think there should be some downtime (Somewhere between 1 to 3 days maybe) between the T7+ ones to try to create something that is not always around 100% of the time, however if the T7 world haves a chance of simply being replaced by lower level world, such that there are times where there are no T7+ worlds around due to them all cycling to low level worlds then no down time is needed.


For T7 worlds containing the new materials, I would expect the following…
Duration: 8 days per special element type
Downtime: 2 days
Overlap: none

This ensures that no matter what time of the week you get to play, there will always be one of these special worlds available to access. The 2 days downtime, gives it a slight break and ensures that the routine is not always the same, meaning the same players don’t always get first bash at a new world.

Other worlds which just offer different coloured blocks, maybe a shorter period of time (as there is no regen and block breaking is quicker/easier)…
Duration: 5 days
Downtime: none
Overlap: 2 days

Either that or just make it all completely random!


a new planet every 2-3 days cycling around the region. These would last 1-2weeks. At least a T7+ world a week.


I feel there should be some randomness to it, even if it is not totally random. Makes it less predictable.

People will have to keep a look out more often, then just setting an reminder after X amount of days.


LIke the roadmap!!!

Looks good


Same - I think it would add to the excitement of there being a new world to explore.

I’d still like for the special worlds to be available to all players for a decent duration though, otherwise you’ll have people complaining that it’s RNG and they never get a special world on a weekend etc. :man_facepalming:


Yes. I do agree there should be good up time on them, just not 100% of the time. Maybe about 80% of the time. I just feel if T7 are indeed around 100% of the time then it is less exciting when one doses show up, and they get taken for granted like a lot of other things in the game are now days.


Will they require skills + brews then? Otherwise wouldn’t the gate just mean minimum level 3 or so?


Since they are temporary & there is huge excitement when a new planet spawns, I don’t think they should last very long.

I think T7/8 planets should have a 20%(+/-) chance to spawn and last up to 5 days.
T3-6 planets should have a 35% chance to spawn and last up to 3 days.
T1 & T2 should have a 45% chance to spawn and last up to 48 hours. I am giving these a short cycle because they should spawn more often and will have less resources.

If this will be too taxing, then add a day or two to the cycle? Or scrap everything and the spawn rate/cycle is random.

I think the cool-down should be short(if any). Perhaps 24-48 hours.


Hmm not really xD As a collector, I’d like to have them! I am sure many would do too.


Last time we got an update on this it looked like this:

Lv 7 requires 7 points of protection which is either Max Resistance Skill (7) OR any combination of skills and food that results in the same protection level

Lv 8 requires 10 points of protection which is Max Resistance Skill (7) AND the highest Resistance Food (3).


@james Will we be able to make greenhouses using glass blocks? Also, do you plan to bring in new props to go along with the farming update? I would love to for some new props to put up around my builds haha.


Downtime? yes, maximum of 1 hour! :smiley:

How long? until resources reach a certain low threshold and/or after a set amount of time, like xxx days where xxx is longer than 2 at least, which ever condition is first met

To make it fair for everyone I think there should always be an exoworld active in their own region no matter if they work nightshifts or regular times…