Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!


I think we should have a phase where maybe the cycle is quicker to help you test out some things and get data. Then that cycle would normalize to a bit slower. I also think there needs to be breaks. Having worlds constantly come and go might be too much and then it would become just an average feature. Having some type of break or even a week go by without worlds keeps it random and feeling more special.

I lean toward worlds that go away fast and worlds that stay much longer… I’d love to see how planets change as they get mined with no ability to regen. I would link it to resource percentage left on deciding when the world goes away… maybe for the rarest items the world would stay until all of them are gone.

Lastly, this will be very controversial but I think you need to watch metrics on who is playing on these worlds and what is being mined and taken. This gives a sense of the distribution of these special resources to the WHOLE player base. We already have huge issues with scenarios where people are locking down resources so they can corner the market and ruin the game for many players. I think with these super rare resources they will be all mined up by these people and no one would get them unless they pay a lot of money. We need to balance that aspect of the game more.

Maybe a character is only allowed to stay on these Exo planets for a set amount of time per week or month. If they visit it too much they can’t stay there any longer and need to give their character time to heal or whatever. So when new worlds spawn they won’t be able to get on them because they spent too long on the other ones. This would then allow other players that maybe aren’t as high a level, don’t play 24/7, etc the ability to get these resources that would otherwise be taken.

If you don’t find some way to balance people getting the stuff that aren’t in game, you will just have another game feature that people won’t use much and more bad reviews about core players getting all the things.


Will the resources respawn until the world is gone? If so, I don’t think this would be an issue. Also, the quicker the worlds respawn, the less of an issue this will be.


No world regen at all!

Though regen bombs will work.


Much obliged! :slight_smile:


Do we? Where is this happening?

I’m not aware of any resource being locked down.

I don’t like any mechanic that limits another player’s engagement.

We aim to balance these worlds so that they don’t run of resources. To be honest - I don’t know what to expect. Will a world be mined dry in hours? If so, we’ll simply turn regen on again.

Currently regen happens and then resources are redistributed. If we need to add resources to these worlds then we’ll simply need to enable regen on them.

But this doesn’t add resources.


I guess a clear picture of what you mean as resource would be handy then?

Is that everything, from gems to fungus?

I thought I read in with post that gems, ores, etc won’t regen (same as normal planets), but plants and boulders etc would?

Maybe I misread though?

Can’t find the post!


please allow more then one t7 planet to spawn I dnt want to be limited based on my connectivity. Besides from that planet region probably won’t need to happen new planets would just have to spawn constant enough to prevent lack of content for others.


100% agree

I’m glad to hear this. :+1:


nothing will regen unless you use a regen bomb and only then things that will respawn are just the normal things that respawn now with the regen bombs. Unless of course they think it’s necessary to turn regen on then the same rules apply as all other planets.


A resource is an item that is dropped in addition to the original block: iron ore, coal, tech components, rough gems, etc.

A surface resource is an item that is dropped from gathering a surface mesh: yams, fungus, etc.

Blocks regenerate and then resources are inserted into some of them. The blocks always regenerate in exactly the same way. But the resources are re-distributed so that players can’t camp on seams.


Ok, bear with me then, just so I get this correct!

So if I found a huge patch of growth, 5 blocks high, if I was to regenerate after farming, it would no longer drop shims?


Are there any plans to add permanent t6+ world in to the existing universe?


The Shimmering Orbs aren’t contained in the growth, The is a chance for them to drop. Just like soil and earthyams. The resources that do not regenerate with regen bombs are the ones actually loaded in the block/mesh. Ores, beans, gems, fossils…


I recently asked Ollie this. In the future maybe… right now the exo worlds are a way to work on the balance while they figure out next steps.


As @Vurtadelic responded.


Ok, cool.

So regen bombs will work the same way on the exoworlds as they do on the permanent worlds then?




Curious, maybe I missed something (Or I’m too tired right now)

What happens if a player is on the planet when it goes bye-bye? On or offline.

Do they just get bumped back to the sanctum? Or is there some dramatic killed-by-space scene before respawning at sanctum?


You go to limbo or you just freed up a slot for another character!

Am assuming you will be in sanctum like always but you just can’t use the left portal since there’s nothing there…

If the planet is being deleted when you’re on it you’re just booted to sanctum…


Since home is free now that issue shouldn’t ever really effect anyone