Roadmap: Special Exoworlds and Farming!


this please. .


I know where my confusion comes from now, I was being a bit dim and for some reason had it in my head that there was no regen on the temp worlds at all.

Not even block regeneration.

But I now realise that does not make sense, as the planet could literally be mined away to nothing.


Personally I would love for them to bring up a world where we as a community could mine it down to the core and remove all blocks I just think that might be fun to see the huge holes and what happens.


This is a crazy idea and I’m sorry if the work sounds excessive. But what about being able to build your own custom ai to work within your beacons while your gone? Defend from beasts or craft items for you from far away if you have them in storage and a way to see whats in your storage blocks from a distance. Right now i can stack workbenches for storage and get more room for less work. Oh and oh and my secon crazy idea is building a spaceship for the fighting outside our planets. Like the players have to defend from invasion in outer space first and if unsuccessful the enemies land and attack and we have to defend on the ground. The spaceship carries loot and is guarded by a boss. Anyways thats all thank you for reading.


I think this could be a new hidden trophy on PS4, like being hit by a meteorite; Death by exoplanet.


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