Rock colors - In search of

Thread to find colors if someone has knowledge where to find a specific color … please confirm location since the color scanner is not working currently.

Please post color and planet name, and portal if possible.


ISO Hot Tan Rock:

ISO Shadow Mustard

Deep Azure

Hot Magenta

Shorbea II - shadow mustard igne, hot sepia sedi and dark mustard meta (off Beladriel via Dragon, Pharoa’s T6 networks)

The color scanner is working again. So this thread is outdated now.

Much happier having the color scanner


Is it? Mine isn’t. I check it every so oftn and it fails the same place it has been.

I originally just kept trying… then I sent an email to boundless support and they said to reach out to the developer, so I sent a quick DM to AngellusMortis via Discord. No response, but it magically started working. /shrug

Well, then, I guess you’re in charge of scanning exo’s lol