Rock Fest

Hello boundless world.

At 2023-08-02T16:00:00Z
And this event takes place for the hole day!
This is just the time I will wake up. :joy: also you don’t have to farm rock on my world if you don’t want to. If you have rock and you need a place to set a beacon let me know I have you covered!

    Your invited to a Rock Fest!

The Rock Fest is a place I set up so we can raise Rock for XP valley.

Hammers was donated so I will be able to hand out hammers to those who come :heart:

  1. You get your very own locker and it comes with chests and a few campfires and a hole world already mapped out.

  2. My world is not to bad for gold silver copper and coal in the spot I have a nice long tunnel in.

  3. If you like the rock color feel free to take it home.

       This is a world that can only hold 10 but you can come anytime really 😁❤️

Anything you get from mining like the metals and so on of Goody’s you get to keep for your self. And I hope I get to see you there :heart::star::rose:

If any questions let me know ❤️ 2ed floor of TNT. Soon as you come in look a little to your left and you will find a portal that says Rock Fest 😁

:joy: sorry but i think you did a typo lol :laughing:


How do i get to this place of amazing rock

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Oh thank you for saying that forgot to say whare :joy: 2ed floor of TNT. Soon as you come in look a little to your right and you will find a portal that says Rock Fest :grin:

Excellent i shall gather my hammers for the gathering

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That sounds amazing. And if you do want to stop by today I can friend you and make you a locker so you are already to go :heart::heart::heart:

I should be there and I’ll be bringing Andy :blush:

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Can’t wait to see you guys :heart_eyes:

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Will be coming as my alter ego to level up a bit more. :smile:

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not my time sadly :frowning: make a locker for me, ill be filling it another time :smiley:

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I must be blind i ran around tnt hub and couldnt see the portal to rock fest

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Go through Phantom of the Opera portal, then the Rock Fest portal

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Have to go to Phantom of the opera from TNT then look slightly to your left to find the portal :heart:

Found it there right now

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Oh ok I will hop on and get you set up hope your still on

Come one come all. I am on and ready to rock :joy: hope to see you there :heart:

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Should be back in awhile just making my way home lol

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Np I will be here till no one is on my world haha

Rock fest is still going so if anyone wants to join and you don’t have a locker let me know I will get you hooked up :grin:

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Oh boy so many people to thank :joy: thank you so much for everyone who came out through out the day and helped get rock for XP Valley. Really means a lot to me that people came out for it. And the place will stay up so anyone is welcome to come to mine :heart: hope to do it again soon :star::star::star::star::star:

Hope everyone has a good night/day thank you again from the bottom of my heart :heart: stay boundless :rose::star::heart: