Rock > Stone XP and Crafting (POLL)

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Ok, so there is a lot talking around xp from crafting stone.
Here is a poll asking you some questions around it.
I’m curious how community opinions differ in this matter.

1. How much experience should crafting of stone give (per block):

  • bring back 2xp
  • make it 1xp
  • 0 xp is perfect

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It’s not all. As you know current crafting recipes for stone go like this: single craft 1 rock > 2 stones; bulk craft 4 rock > 10 stones; mass craft 18 rock > 50 stones.
Maybe changing that can help finding balance in xp system here?

2. What efficiency would you like to see in stone crafting?

  • leave current one (1>2, 4>10, 18>50)
  • make it slightly less efficient (1>1, 8>10, 36>50)
  • make it a lot less efficient (2>1, 18>10, 72>50)

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Changing recipes to less efficient would of course mean different look at the xp changes. Less stone yield per rock used would mean leaving 2 xp is a possibility, or at least getting more than 0 xp seems fair.

3. If stone crafting recipes were less efficient, what xp would you see fit (per block)?

  • 2 xp would be ok
  • 1xp would do just fine
  • still 0xp as planned by devs

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Finally, I would like to ask a question concerning crafting timber. It has always bugging me that it’s instant and no matter how much you make (can be thousands), you still get it right away (only delay is all the clicking neded).

4. What should be crafting time for timber (regardless its recipes efficiency)?

  • leave it as is (instant)
  • bring it in line with stone crafting (exactly same crafting time)
  • make it take some time, but less than stone crafting

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After @Kal-El pointed out I missed question on possible timber xp, I decided to add one.

5. If crafting timber takes time, what xp would you want for it (per block)?

  • 0xp
  • 1xp
  • 2xp

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before players respond you might want to allow none of the above and let players offer different options in the thread


I think there isnt much left apart from the proposed options in all questions I asked.

If it comes to xp: the only options left are fractions (only jokers and unaware players would propose more than 2 xp per stone block, everyone sensible to problem of balance in game etc. knows not to ask for more than 2xp; bringing fractions is not really much of an option - no need for that, and picking 2, 0 or 1 says all - its basically saying I want it the way it was, I agree with proposed change to 0xp and I want something in between, even if it’s a fraction).

As for recipes - I gave two options different than the current one. Both follow patterns already existing in game, so they are not arbitrary. And again - chosing one of the three is enough without complicating the poll - it’s either I want current system, I want it less efficient and I want it a lot less efficent (the actual numbers can be tinkered with).

I can understand but quite frankly the only way I would play with the timber crafting time is if they added xp. The instant does not bother me so I do not have a choice in your poll. I think it should have the same timing and add xp. And to the second question of changing the efficiency then I would increase the xp rather than lower it or leave it the same.

I do not want the game to take more time to progress than it already does.

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I voted 0xp and 1xp choices because it doesn’t really matter to me if this thing is changed.
But same time I feel that it could award some XP for new players, most likely new players would anyway use blocks for building so they would get their real XP from it (placing stone gives like 12xp).

I would be balancing this rock -> stone thing so that I would modify many existing recipes that need stone, needing rocks. Wouldn’t hurt new players and would made higher level players make choice do they want to craft rubbish or make more expensive blocks that they could sell.

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Indeed I forgot to add xp into equation there in the last question. I kinda assumed it’s self-explanatory that its a question about bringing it in line with stone xp-wise as well. That’s the one I botched.

Added additional question there.

Personally I’m of the belief that ANY ACTION in game should reward SOME xp…

Its all a balancing act

IMO - IF you take away XP for any tasks the game, overall, it starts to feel less and less rewarding, simple psychology…


Edit: this includes changing trunk>timber to bring it in-line with rock in some form… they take equal amounts of effort, even making the tools is equal, I never understood why I was never rewarded XP for crafting the most basic item in game…


Thanks for doing this… I usually don’t participate in these, but I feel strongly against this change and I’m tired of responding to so many threads.

Very interested in seeing the outcome on this one! :+1:


Looks like players aren’t aware of this poll or aren’t as interested in the topic as it would appear from the threads being posted.

I see it but haven’t voted as I think this Nerf is just another bandage over the real issues with the game. Xp nerf or not isn’t going to fix anything.


Write poll in the title and people will vote

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This is what people arent recognizing.
I always thought it was pretty unfair as a guy that runs both a brick/rock deco shop and a woodshop that bricks which are easier to get get more xp than wood which takes so much longer and should get the extra xp. So I would see the wood timber being acceptable for the extra xp then the rock to stone.SO I would ask the developers could there be a trade off from rock to wood on the xp? This could and would balance out the frustration in my humble opinion. It would also balance out the gathering+ time+ xp of the wood trade as compared to rock.

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