Rogueth's Resource Grinder

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Need more rock to finish off that project? Need more wood to build that fort? Need more dirt to get…dirty? Look no further than Rogueth’s Resource Grinder. We will fill your order ASAP (within reason.) Fees are decided per order based on the amount needed and the scarcity of resources with the agreement of both parties. DM us here or find me in game as Rogueth. Cheers! :slight_smile: :grinning:

Note: Looking specifically to fill needs for projects that don’t already have request baskets set up. Ie- a contract order that only I will fill. I will do some request baskets in between orders as I have the time if ppl post them here. Thanks.


Millions of coins buying rock, Gravel, sand, trunks, foliage, seeds, gleam etc at Sydney Supplies on Lasaina in between your contracts.

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Thanks. Will take a look shortly.