Rotate decorative igneous 1?

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How do I place the block so it isn’t always facing the same way, like decorative 2?

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Depends on the way you lay it down, cant be rotated after

Yeah that doesn’t seem to work, no matter which side I palace it to/from it stays the same.

yea the Ign only lays 1 way

Hmm, there goes my design then. Does anyone know if there’s a reason for this?

You can change it by placing them on the ground, on the side of another block, on the bottom of a block above it etc. Just facing different directions doesnt do anything.

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As uni3k said, you can change rotation of deco block but can depend whether placing against something or on top of something, which can mean building a temporary row of blocks behind or below to get the look you want.
Experimentation is key.

Why the devs can just let us have a tool (forged or whatever…) to rotate blocks is beyond me (chisels can rotate storage blocks and machines so possible…) …they just like to see us cry into our keyboards as yet another block gets placed the wrong way.


I laid a pattern with that very block. Basically if you lay the block down Infront of you that’s one way. Then spin to your left and then place the block that’s the other way now. If in doubt go check the berry farm, Ultima ceph merica port then turn right and first port of right labelled berry farm. Once you’re there head down the stairs I did about two stacks of the block in a pattern

This is how I did it with the sedimentary block, it doesn’t work for the other one though :smiley: The method @Envyv77 mentioned works though, thank you!

After more experimenting it does work, just not how I expected. I’m laying down a road in the air, there’s no way to change the direction without placing a block below it. Placing it on a side of another block, no matter which side, always has the same pattern emerge.


This frustrated me so much with lanterns. It doesn’t matter which way you’re facing when you place the block, it matters what surface you place it on.

As you note sometimes this means you need a helper block.

I STILL can’t get deco lustrous to behave, though.