RPG mode VS. Build mode. Player movement, world interaction, and Camera

Obviously, this being an RPG alongside being a voxel building game there needs to be a balance based on the player’s interaction with the world, environment, and other players/NPCs.

I would like to propose a method that will not only allow players to appreciate the present form of game play, but allow others to experience an entirely new aspect of the game. Take for example the Game Journey. Yes, I know this game will be more often seen in my examples, but it’s just such a fantastic example for so many multiple reasons. When you move as your character in Journey, they face their last moved direction rather than constantly remain facing toward the player’s view/center screen. Take also the ability to rotate the camera completely independent from the character’s movements as well. When attacking a character, your player would attack in the direction he is facing, not the player’s screen, this would allow for better 360 combat. So long however, it is balanced as to avoid letting it seem too much like any old RPG. Take LEGO Universe for example, they had a great combat system that allowed the player to move freely and independent from the camera’s facing direction and turn in a moment’s notice to react to other incoming attacks from other angles, chaining attacks and strikes in a COMPLETELY unscripted and non-animation locked way. Almost like Assassin’s creed’s kill streak system.

Now in first person, you have the standard. You retain your cursor, always face the direction of the screen, and the mechanics of movement simply adapt to fit and work with a first person system. Take for example, Mirror’s edge. Though first person, it still allows the same kind of world interaction and parkour that other games find it necessary to force a third person perspective for.

The idea is that it’d be a lot like switching between third and a first person in Assassin’s creed. Ultimately, I believe a system like this would greatly improve overall gameplay and diversity. And if you’re beginning to wonder about certain aspects that might cause gameplay to be a bit odd, don’t fret. Let’s take the grappling hook for example. With a system I am proposing, it’d not work so well in third person and in combat with Titans and other large groups, it’d be a hassle switching between first and third person to use it. However, let’s assume for a moment that the grappling hook does not loose it’s standard of firing in the aimed direction. This will allow players to better take full command of their character and the battle field. While in third person, it’s be a simple tap of a button to switch between freed camera mode to aimed camera mode, this would allow players to turn their character based on where they are facing. Let’s look at Skyrim. When your weapons are down, you can rotate around your player and they will not turn with the camera, but when you lift your weapons, they turn with the camera. Another example is when muskets were introduced in Assassin’s creed, when you aimed, you looked in the appropriate direction, but you were otherwise in freed camera mode. With this part of the system, players would be free to use tools like the grapple hook in both third and first person view with very few notable changes aside from compensating the fact that you might be looking over a slight shoulder view.

As with most of my suggestions, this would be a matter of choice and would allow the players to pursue their own/favorite playstyle with fewer hindrances. And it’d finally replace the present third person system which, for me at least, does more harm than good, not being able to see what’s going on in front of your character.

Plus, this’d make for some pretty awesome screenshots where players can better “Pose” their characters when taking virtual “Selfies”.

EDIT: This would also allow further possibilities as far as player movement and traversing the terrain goes. IE: Wall jumping/running/gripping, climbing, etc.

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Oh no, not selfies!!!

Meeeeeeh I think the camera should stay similar to how it is, there is already a selfie view :angry:, but the third person is good as it is, maybe add an option to move the camera distance from the player and that’s it. Eh, present a good example to me for personal judgement.

Cracks his fingers as he prepares to go into full on animation mode

Good example. You got it.

[Actual time to example deliver may vary O.o]

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I didn’t take time to read the wall of text :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but I don’t think PvP and Voxel-gameplay should be separated. I like how Assassin’s Creed or Mirror’s Edge’s combat was not separate, but united within the game: integrated.

So, to summarize:

• 1st person view for building / some types of combat
• 3rd person view for combat (weapons out), player movement matches camera direction
• 3rd person view for selfies (weapons down), player movement independent of camera direction
• Players can switch between these two camera modes at any time.