Rubberbanding on EU servers

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I have been trying to play the past few hours and am constantly getting unplayable rubberbanding. I tried returning to sanctum and porting away, nothing works. Is it just me?

I get it too.
Last night on lamblis, I went through the portal to lamblis then 5 seconds later warped back to the portal on finata.
Tonight I got it on finata. Not as bad, but wait maybe it was bad just after entering, it sent me back to gyosha ophin, then I entered finata again and it said the connection was too bad and sent me to the sanctum.
I did notice later my graphics card said a new driver had been downloaded and was ready to install, I wonder if that was part of the problem.

This is getting a bit ridiculous. I was on Cardass most of the day, and then boom out of nowhere just started with the unplayable connection every 5 seconds. My internet is never all that great, and I figured it was high traffic, or too many connections or something. None of which has been the case today. Makes mining a P.I.T.A. as if it isn’t already the most tedious thing on any planet, now i smack the same block for ten minutes only to have the thing respawn like i was never even there…

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lag and rubber banding are pretty bad full stop. On my home planet with a 40 ping i rubber band like crazy. Yet currently playing Black Ops and having a ball with no lag or rubber banding. Go figure.Boundless is the only game i play that seems to suffer from this lag / rubber banding issue regardless of the ping it says. Overwatch, Black ops, Destiny 2 and Pubg all are fine, load up Boundless and Lag hoe