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Dear Boundless Support,
Since release there is a report button for beacons and sings. But I think it is not working or nobody read this? It’s your rule that we don’t say names here in this forum and addionall you ignor our reports, so please tell us who is the person we can contact for help.

Actually we do nothing, but if you not help we will join this war and will place a lot of beacons

Okay we was waiting 3 days of a answer over report, private @james message and forum, thank you for your support, NOT, now we not longer friendly and we will clear the situation in our way. We can not longer wait without any messages to this MLG guild guy’s. The support and communication was so great at the beginning and now it’s really really bad, we spent so much money in this game and and this is your thanks…

Problem solved by James, topic closed


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