🌈 Sac hunts! Planned hunts thread for Mutated Sacs

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Do you need mutated sacs? Me too! :smiley:

Do you care about colory color blocks? Me neither! :smiley:

This is a spot to organize Gleambow hunts specifically to farm Mutated Sacs.
These hunts are different than normal Gleambow Racing, as you would not be farming the blocks from the Meteor. You will be racing to get there as fast as you can to spawn GleamTrunks, and using the entire timer to let more Gleamtrunks spawn.
So, if you are looking for colorful blocks, this is not the type of hunts you want to go on!

But, if anyone is organizing or starting a Sac hunt please post it here, as I (and many players) would be interested in joining you!

[please resist the urge to post comments, and please please keep this thread as neat as possible with only]:

The Time (with timezone), meet spot, and planet you will be hunting on. Thx!


Not sure of the times, but both Sasquatch and Shinra are doing these hunts. I did the shinra hunt last night and enjoyed.

@JDGroat @PrincessMaude

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I think it’s more of a “this is a sac hunt please don’t destroy the meteors” and people tag along and destroy the meteors.

If someone wanders by that’s one thing. But IMO following a group hunt to leech large meteors, and then destroying them and taking away 10 other people’s ability to farm sacs, is basically equivalent to following hunts around and bombing the ■■■■ out of them.

If people want to destroy meteors they shouldn’t join sac hunts.


there was an AUS hunt today, gleam meteors were free for all, all others were left intact until last 10s, then completed. it worked very well. (would be a shame to leave the oort behind) we got sacs, stuff and oort


This, if you know the group is farming sacs you are a donkey if you don’t play by the rule of the group.


Probably because every time someone suggests making things more accessible, they get shouted down.

Be careful what you wish for everyone

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I told people i didnt want the meteor and they were free to break it at 10s and gave some people speed totems so they knew they could do it. That seemed to help. I LOVE the idea of saying gleam meteors are free-for-all, all others are 10s mark. The sacs are the real treasure here in my opinion and everyone get to share that loot. I have to agree, if you come on a sac hunt to quick nab the meteors thats rude. That said, enough effort needs to be given so people understand whats going on and people need to understand that new people joining start the 'splaining all over. So just have patience. Even 2 or 3 well timed meteors and the whole thing is worth it :clinking_glasses:

I think my timer is still max. If a handful of people want to try a hunt Id be game trying to trigger them again tomorrow…


That would lead to an endless loop of gleambows


I think the best way to get people to follow the rules is for those who don’t want the blocks to not break them.

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These flags men, why would you flag that?

I get what you are all saying, but this thread is specifically to organize these type of hunts separately from the free-for-alls.

I wanted to organize a Sac hunt myself, but in the end, I didn’t want anyone to be fighting over blocks, so decided against it.

Any hunts posted here are JUST for sacs (if the organizer uses the 10sec rule, it is their call). But in my opinion, the fair way to organize these hunts which are ALL ABOUT THE COMMUNITY COMING TOGETHER TO FULFILL A SINGLE GOAL OF GETTING SACS, is letting the meteor die at the end. No arguing over blocks, no one getting yelled at for breaking blocks early, no one fighting over gleam colors… no mess if it just always ends on the timer.

It really is about coming together as a community here, to achieve a goal.

There are plenty of meteors to go around if you would like to get blocks, but these ones are not those =D

[EDIT: This thread has already gone off the rails… which is why I posted in the OP to try so VERY hard to control your urges to leave comments about any issues or concerns you might have… those urges must have been very strong, and looks like this thread is pretty much junk now =(


Lets try it :v::joy:

Hunt Planet: ~ Xa Frant ~ T3 ~ EU
Meet at: ~ Portal Seeker Lamblis ~
Time: 22:00Uhr CET

Lets start a Sac Hunt =) let your Gleambow Totem at home and come with bow, first, looter, healbomb and rev (and a normal totem, to use rev, if someone died). A Grabber? (idk the word) will help to head over the planet. Speed Brew your chouse, too

Greetings :v:


That’s right now, right?

You are right. This thread is about hunts for mutated sacs. Not about the other stuff. I deleted my posts.

Was a solo run. :joy::+1: There is a lot of oort on the ground that you only have to collect and in between you are chasing a meteor. :ok_hand:
I have made the experience that Gleam Meteors will mostly fall in the neighboring region if you enter one in the middle. But just a feeling. :man_shrugging:

111 sac´s + 110 Oort :thinking::man_shrugging: in 1,5 h. I am satisfied.

See you :v:

Edit: @majorvex i only drop gold ore from the dorn and completed meteor. No copper, iron, silver, titan. Maybe bad luck or something is wrong with the drop chance. Can you check this?

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On circa right now sac hunt, kill meteor at 10sec remaining.
Huge crowd


That would be for the devs @rossstephens @vdragon

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Cuetz really loves them sacs :joy:

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