Salvage available 30k bricks

Lots (30k+) of dark black/grey meta bricks are up for grabs if anyone wants to salvage them. Located on gellis in gellis prime at co ords -198n -42e is my old home. I have just removed all the gems etc and will regen the rest if no one wants them.

To save griefing, plotting or regen i will add perms to anyone who wants some.

Will hang around for the next 15mins, after that msg me.

Bring a grapple!!

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Hello I could plot it for a few new players that settled down at my place it will come in “ghandy” cough…or give me perms and I’ll remove for them when I’m able to.

Will add perms, some is already being taken by another player so this is easier

On my way for the perms and take a bit of it

Not too many open portals around im afraid, TNT to gellis then run, or theres an aquatopia portal from nia zed comes out close by

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@WaZeeZo it’s for him so he wil come himself
Just saw him popup online saves me from doing it lol

On my way!

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