Same Install, Different User (account, etc)

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Hiya, hopefully a simple question … I know that Steam allows many games to operate on a basis that the same install can service many different users on a PC … and I’d like to purchase a copy for my uncle, who’s stuck with us during lockdown … can he use his separate steam account to play the game … but not have to install the game all over again?

Yeah, that should work fine. I sometimes use my wife’s computer and didn’t have to re-download. I’m not sure, but if you use a custom install directory, you may have to tell the new Steam account about it.

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Yes. As far as I know, Boundless does not really show any user data locally. Maybe a cache of some alerts or chat messages, but nothing critical to playing the game. As long as you use a different Steam account and you logout of Steam first, it should all work. You can even use the same User account on your computer.

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Nope, Steam is actually super bad at multi-user for system accounts, it actually shares data globally a crossed all system accounts.

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Roger that, cheers, folks.

This bodes well for when I finally get my eGPU box and want to share the game a bit more.

I honestly do think that this game is a “long game” (so to speak) in the popularity growth stakes.

Everyone who I’ve recommended it to (admittedly only a few folks) has either really been psyched to play it (but are poor and waiting for sale) or bought it immediately and love it.

I don’t throw the “love” word around like most people do today (I have a problem with the binary nature of the world right now, and over use of “love” and “hate” is right up there) so believe me when I say that they do indeed love this game. :heart_eyes_cat:

Also, @Angellus, just to confirm on this (because I can’t parse it in my head) it seems like you say it’ll be OK one minute, and then not the next … should I worry?

I mean how Steam itself handles multiple system user accounts (Windows 10 users for example) is really bad. That has no affect on how Boundless does it though. Boundless just uses your current Steam user to login. It might cache some stuff locally, but I have never looked into where it does that at, and it does not matter.

What I meant by Steam is that you can literally have two Windows 10 accounts. Login as a user, start Steam, sign in. Then you can lock the computer, sign into the other Windows 10 account and you will get an error Steam is still running. If you log the other user out of Windows 10 and then open Steam, you will be logged into the other user’s account. It does not even kind of follow best practices with user specific settings. In @Rydralain’s example, that is actually a benefit though. You do not need to set back up your library or anything on another Steam account, because that is shared between all local users.


I have never experienced this and switch Windows accounts all the time. I always have to stary and log into Steam again on the other Windows account.

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Good to know, thank you, again, folks.