Sanctum Edit Crash

It looks like any time I edit the sanctum and save it, I get a crash when I try to go back to non-edit sanctum. A log was submitted a few hours ago, but…

I looked at the error, and it looks like Boundless/gamescripts/sanctum/playerstart_rerun.json is getting edited to be

But “sanctum/default/rerun.json” doesn’t seem to be a valid file on my computer or my wife’s computer.

I’m resolving it by restoring it to match what I remember seeing before, which is:
{“scripts”:[“sanctum/default/vfx.json”, “sanctum/default/player.json”,“sanctum/default/leader.json”]}

Though I suppose I could just make a rerun file of

I do use this mod manager on both computers: Mod Manager and Mod Collection

I wonder if anyone without that mod manager has this issue, or if they have the default/rerun.json file? I recommend backing up your playerstart_rerun.json file before checking.


i also use the mod manager, and since the halloween sanctum event i cannot load any other sanctums

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Yes. This is broken as you describe. And the fix is also as you describe.


@Tiggs What are the odds we could get a fix for this? I’m hoping it’s a simple change.


Not likely, sorry

I suppose that was what I expected. I’ll maybe develop a patch for it myself since that implies there won’t be any updates for the foreseeable future that could mess up a mod patch.

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