Sanctum Portals - Shortcut

Would be nice if you could keep the Sanctum Portal open until such time as you switch character maybe. So that when you are on an Exoworld you can log to sanctum, nip home, offload some stuff or pick up some gear and go back to where you were on the exoworld. I’ve only recently started going and 3400c each trip is eating into my stash!

  • create a few alts
  • bring warp conduits
  • place warp conduits at closest planet
  • bring all alts to that exact same spot
  • open warp, go thru
  • switch alts like crazy until you get as many thru there as you can!

They can act as your mules by dropping stacks of stuff then switching to an alt with an empty inventory and picking it up quickly.

Normally I use my second account on Steam on a separate screen to mule stuff back and forth (my main account is on PS4) which gives me a slightly relaxer time to get thru the same warp but the alts thing works too!

I never actually thought of this myself but got the tip from @Nightstar

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Using a camp fire and a couple storage blocks could improve this right?

Ty for the idea I hate running back to drop things on my house

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On permanent planets, sure. You can also plop a beacon on 1 plot spot and set it as home of one of your alts, but going back to the exo still means paying the same amount again…

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