Sanctum QoL - Auto Warp Home

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This has probably already been suggested but a more streamed lined method of returning home would be great.

currently you have to Main Menu > Return to Sanctum > wait 10 seconds > Interact with Right Warp C. > pick your home > and wait for it to open… :nauseated_face:

Using warp conduits in-world would cut out the Return-to-Sanctum step… but at the cost of a valuable inventory slot :slightly_frowning_face:

A 3rd set of warp conduits in the sanctum that auto opens to your home location would be great… or even an option to have the right side conduits auto open to home would work.

Back to that valuable inventory slot, I would even go for a new item that you could action to return home… kinda like eating food… action it for say 10s and it returns you to the sanctum with the left portal open to home… or just action the time it takes to connect and load your home location and then teleports you there. :thinking:

Just my rambly daydreamings =P


We have this already if player for example jumps to lava :smiley: So making it available also for alive player would be nice.


Or change return to sanctum to 3 seconds

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I agree, going home could be more efficient/convenient.

In some games, you just hold down on the D pad or something for 3 seconds to return/warp home.

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I always have warp conduits on me. I don’t think they’ve left my inventory in over a year and a half. :joy: I’m just use to having less inventory space.


Yeah I carry them permanently too
Huge time saver


I would be happy for any/all of the following:

  • Warp Food -> warps to home beacon
  • Warp Brew -> warps to home beacon
  • Warp Token -> Like a location token except you use it to warp home
  • Generalized Warp Token -> Makes a 1x2 warp on your 1x2 character (even in plotted space) to a general location, E to interact to pay the cost and confirm you have enough blinksec skill otherwise it disappears without opening. Require warp conduits in inventory to craft, insta-craft from location page.
  • 1 Dedicated slot (in addition to the 4x8) for warp conduits
  • 1 Dedicated slot for food
  • Main Menu -> Return Home (another button below return to sanctum)
  • Shorter sanctum time
  • 3rd set of conduits in sanctum for home

Though this would be a problem for players who tend to use the right-side conduits for something else than going home.

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Ideally when you use the token you do the taunt emote and disappear in a puff of smoke

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you can always interact with it and click close and then reopen a new location as per the current behavior with right-sided warps… i was just suggesting an option to have it auto open to home that can be toggled / overridden at a whim. :heart:

It would add an extra step to instances where you want to go somewhere else… but if you primarily use them for going home, then it would be a time saver most of the time… and if you don’t ever use them to go home… then don’t turn the option on ^^

Here I thought it was standard to have warp blocks always on hand :sweat_smile:. Honestly the only time I use the sanctum is when I log in and when I die(which is rare). Having an area just for warp conduits separate from inventory slots would be nice.

Ah, right. My bad, yeah. Though, even then, I would rather go with the third set of conduits.

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