Sand for sale - 1C each

selling remnants of my exo storage 5c/ea

Gyosha MALL, portal area, next to TESLA build


The times when I wish I was online.

few colors sold :slight_smile: im working on my stones shops, here in Gyosha they’ll be ready in few days

added few colors

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Got Mustard? Preferably silk or dark.

I’m supposed to be looking it up right now :rofl:

only 16000 of warm mustard

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I grabbed a stack but I think it’s back to Boundlexx for something darker.

Thanks though I think I have use for this.

selling my exo remnants, all sand i have left - 1c / each

tossed all i have left to shopstands, totally mix of colors,different, small amounts :smiley: now im sandless :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for all those coins :smiley: