Sand storm bug. Or new weather pattern maybe 😉

Yeas its a bug but as i was fueling last.
It got me thinking:

  • sand particles seem to follow the weather rules. Go in or beneath build and the weather stays outside (like the rain).
  • the thick clouds here and there kind of feel like waves of sandy winds.

Not a lot of points granted but it fits in my mind way better on “dry” locations on our worlds.

Im based on Lamblis and the sand storm (bug) is kind of fitting. More so than the rain and the snow is when in the middle of a lava lake or a dessert.

When weather gets an add-on/fix/overhaul (what ever😉) i would like to see this added to the cycle instead of snow or rain (for example) depending on your location in the world.

Dusty winds and little piles (a film of sand like the snow does) of sand covering the build. The sand following the color of the world palette of course.

Just saying it would make more sense to have sand storms in a dessert or on a lava lake. Then there would be snow (to hot for it).

Again yes it is a bug atm but it would be a cool add on and bound to world location.
Feel free to add your own two cents to this suggestion. But keep in mind im talking about a “better version” then the sand bug we have now.

(Add, debate and suggest but keep it friendly😉)


I think I am liking the sand storm, before it was raining more than in beckon on the city I live in.


It gets inside the dome. No other weather does tho. Believe @Ratchel has screenshots of it. So I’d say it doesn’t quite follow normal weather rules.

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So long as it is changed to no longer be seizure/motion sickness/eyestrain inducing I don’t really care what they do with it… but if they can’t fix that then it needs to go away forever.

You could have the particles follow the player, as an easy fix. It might not look very good though.

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Ah it looked like it was blocked when i walked in to my hall way :wink:. Just like the other weather.

Just thinking as it keeps reoccurring it may be easier to add on the bug and make it better. :wink:

Still currently its a bug and i would like something like it but not this bug (or what ever it is).

It gets so bad inside the dome that you can’t see where your going. Only thing the enclosed dome doesn’t block. Snow and rain is blocked but not the never ending glare of fog/sand.

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