Sandstone texture: don't let it blend

Can we have it so sandstone doesn’t blend into other blocks, but only sand can? It’s hard trying to find a white block similar to wool :frowning:

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yeah, I think that there are some issues with blending for more type of blocks as well … for example broken stone into wood, broken stone into stone or stone into stone chunks. But I also think that this was just the first update on textures, so it is only a metter of time till the mighty Oortians listen to our prayers :wink:

The mold texture (wool/snow) is the only one i really dislike :confused: I wish they would have kept the old one and modified it a bit

Have a look Here. That’s what I ment :wink:

That blending is a bug, they’ve said it’ll be fixed already in the next update.

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Perhaps there could be a setting of the intensity of the blend between textures. Not sure if it’s even possible, but with some tweaking, I suppose it could be so.

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Yeah, like a switch (same as with the slopes)