Sandstorm: Sweetbean Farm

Because I am a benevolent and awesome person, I have created an awesome Sweetbean planet and generously chosen to share it with all the desolate non-owners of awesome Sweetbean planets.

The beans are quite condensed, as you can see in my most amazing and awesome screenshot:

According to Boundlexx, the stats are quite nice, coming in a close second for Average per Chunk, with a higher percentage than the #1 slightly more awesome planet:

There is a portal conveniently provided from the TNT hub in the most awesome sovereign area, paid for from my own personal Oort stash:

There is a very nice and totally awesome safe area right on the edge of the most awesome desert containing the many many sweetbean plants. Fully filled out, amazing atlases are available in the conveniently placed and generously priced shop stand stationed directly next to the amazing portal:

The planet is very flat and welcoming, adorned by many amazing, beautiful and friendly cacti plants, and lacking in evil hazards such as lava:

Feel free to visit and obtain sweetbeans!


ill pay a visit later today and make a planetary report :smiley:


Excellent! I love reading your reports on planets. :slight_smile: :grin:


that’s a lot of awesomeness in one post!

you ARE AWESOME, i’m sure many would love it, thanks for sharing