Sap and Bark Restocked


I call this one “The Bruce Banner Challenge”



Just stopping by to say I saw you in game earlier and hey this whole community thing is neat. Im super new but I’ve stopped by a couple of times.


Haha! I’m poor now so someone else will have to buy them!

Got more sap than bones ATM


You better go ti new exp… trees a huge and they give bark…so much easier for you


Me too lol. I added some animal loot baskets to my shop, pricing is a work in progress. I’m putting up several fully coined baskets for bones though.

Yeah chopping trees is a late night / tv watching grind for me. I usually mine between chopping sessions. I did some digging the other day but haven’t really been hunting/gathering much lately.


Let me know if there’s something you want to trade I’m open to a good old horse and carriage


I will fill up 10 shopstands with sap for you if you can get me a functioning horse and carriage. I’ll take any oortian equivalent with 2 mounts and a vehicle!

There’s a timer though, minus one shop stand for every month it takes. :rofl:


Trunk .33 and Charcoal .6

This charcoal takes way too long to cook.


Horse and carriage was a figure of speech for bartered trade…good bye sap


Nah I got you just having some fun. I’d horse trade too but right now I’m not really building or looking for much. Except for other things you also are buying :wink: Like bones I need bones.

Sap has been a big push lately seems there was a gap in the market. We’ll see over the weekend if this sells but TBH I’d rather get the bones and cook at least 30 - 40 stacks into glue.


Whew got down to 6 stacks. :sweat: Nearly three stands full now and I’ll be topping up again after I do a bit more chopping.

There’s nearly one and a half shop stands full of bark here, but I’ll be emptying one back out for more sap after my next session , if it’s still here.

If you don’t need sap, come sell me bones for 1.5c please :bone:

Also since i made a new place to harvest sap when I’ve got plenty of bark, I’ve added some turquoise trunk to the .33c trunk stands.

UPDATE: Bedtime but all four stands are full and I’m cooking syrup to put out tomorrow. Plenty of bark at 4c as well.


Refilled last night with 2+ stands.

These shop stands I added under the bottom are currently filled with free turquoise trunk.

Ugh nobody told me I had a shop stand selling 1c sap?

Fixed, restocked.

Bark 4c, sap 4c, syrup 7c plenty on site. 9/20/19


What is seba


Super Enriched Bonding Agent


I’m in the market for a lot of sap… I’ll have to try and swing by soon to get some :grin: