Sap and Bark Restocked

I call this one “The Bruce Banner Challenge”



Just stopping by to say I saw you in game earlier and hey this whole community thing is neat. Im super new but I’ve stopped by a couple of times.


Haha! I’m poor now so someone else will have to buy them!

Got more sap than bones ATM

You better go ti new exp… trees a huge and they give bark…so much easier for you

Me too lol. I added some animal loot baskets to my shop, pricing is a work in progress. I’m putting up several fully coined baskets for bones though.

Yeah chopping trees is a late night / tv watching grind for me. I usually mine between chopping sessions. I did some digging the other day but haven’t really been hunting/gathering much lately.

Let me know if there’s something you want to trade I’m open to a good old horse and carriage

I will fill up 10 shopstands with sap for you if you can get me a functioning horse and carriage. I’ll take any oortian equivalent with 2 mounts and a vehicle!

There’s a timer though, minus one shop stand for every month it takes. :rofl:


Trunk .33 and Charcoal .6

This charcoal takes way too long to cook.


Horse and carriage was a figure of speech for bartered trade…good bye sap

Nah I got you just having some fun. I’d horse trade too but right now I’m not really building or looking for much. Except for other things you also are buying :wink: Like bones I need bones.

Sap has been a big push lately seems there was a gap in the market. We’ll see over the weekend if this sells but TBH I’d rather get the bones and cook at least 30 - 40 stacks into glue.

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Whew got down to 6 stacks. :sweat: Nearly three stands full now and I’ll be topping up again after I do a bit more chopping.

There’s nearly one and a half shop stands full of bark here, but I’ll be emptying one back out for more sap after my next session , if it’s still here.

If you don’t need sap, come sell me bones for 1.5c please :bone:

Also since i made a new place to harvest sap when I’ve got plenty of bark, I’ve added some turquoise trunk to the .33c trunk stands.

UPDATE: Bedtime but all four stands are full and I’m cooking syrup to put out tomorrow. Plenty of bark at 4c as well.

Refilled last night with 2+ stands.

These shop stands I added under the bottom are currently filled with free turquoise trunk.

Ugh nobody told me I had a shop stand selling 1c sap?

Fixed, restocked.

Bark 4c, sap 4c, syrup 7c plenty on site. 9/20/19

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What is seba

Super Enriched Bonding Agent

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I’m in the market for a lot of sap… I’ll have to try and swing by soon to get some :grin:

Plenty of sap, syrup, and bark on hand.

I’ve noticed that I’m selling nearly as much sap at gyosha mall in a 5c stand as I do in my home shop for 4c since the scanner came out.

I still sell out at least once a week and farm regularly. I’ve moved to farming a great deal of sap on T1 since i was able to put a super convenient portal to my treeyore sap farm right in my shop. The cost of farming the sap stays similar as the reduced drop rate comes with a reduced tool cost.

Part of the reason this works out is that nobody is buying bark. Are people farming for this now, or just not many using it? Any thoughts?

EDIT: I just spent a few minutes traveling around scanning for bark.

There’s a little more competition here now with 4-5c being more normal, and the usual amount of .1c undercutters but on gyosha ophin some people are selling TONS of bark for 2-3c.