Sap and Bark Restocked

I reloaded on tree stuff again and got more SEBA out.

Bark 2c I’m not sure if farming will keep demand this low but I have a ton of it, I put out 2 shop stands full, ask if you want more. EDIT: Bark is 4c now.

4c sap also 2 shop stands full.

8c syrup about 11k here. UPDATE: Syrup 7c

SEBA is still 350c - PM on forum if you don’t see me in game for 315c hand trades. 2700 on hand.

You can get directly to the shop via Biitula Portal Seekers using the “Sunken Storage” portal behind the portal to Grovidias Te.

You can also get to my portal hub using the “Lantern Gardens” portals at the Raxxa hubs for Ultima, PS, or Hubbit - or the Raxxa portals in the DSK hub and the TNT Megahub. If you come via the hub use the “Down” portal to reach the shop.

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Killed half of one of your sap stands. And grabbed some bark there. Nice shop :slight_smile:

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Thanks :blush:

EDIT: Just slso put a stand full of free trunk on the hub.

I could use some free trunks! You can pop m in the post office when you pick up your hammers!

If it saves anyone a trip, the sap stands are empty.

If I can I’ll get some more tomorrow.

I would take all the SEBA if you could hand trade at 300.

All the sap and bark are gone, there’s about 11k syrup left.

I dropped off 16 stacks when I picked up the hammers. Sounds like I’ll probably be cutting wood again tomorrow though.

I know a 15c discount doesn’t sound like much but that’s about forty thousand coins on this amount.

I was selling a ton of this but I haven’t restocked in a couple of weeks. There was only one small sale so far but I’ll wait at least 24 hours so that people who want uncommon colors can have a chance at it.

I put refined gleam next to the SEBA for 1c. Refined metamorphic is 2c in my shop.

With SEBA at 350c that’s 65.16 for whatever color marble you need (mass crafted yourself). At 315c it’s 58.86.

Sleepy time for me so If anyone leaves me a PM it will be a few hours.

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Its np nightstar completely understand if you dont want to, especially if someone else will buy. The 300 price was based off a price i buy at already. Got 4000 recently but that will only last a few days. Once i factor in shadow orbs/glue etc 300 is pretty much the upper limit to make some coin.

The only thing i can say is that if you are selling, i am always buying. Just a pm and i will always take it (until the devs change the materials and destroy my shop ofc)

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Thanks @ghandymarshall - I just got up and read that again and I want to say the price breakdown wasn’t aimed at you so much as folks who aren’t sure where this price fits in the market.

If I get impatient we’ll talk. I spent about 6.5 hammers on houchus yesterday so my extractors are going again :slight_smile:

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Filled up a shop stand of bark and sap again.

Bark is at 4c now that I got rid of a ton of overstock. Sap is still 4c.

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So cheap now how can u not just buy the lot

wowo did you really buy out all the bark?

I left some in my tree farm on alcyon perhaps I should bring them down.

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Yeap all gone and turning into leather as we speak…thank God I didn’t have to cut a tree for a hour


Someone hit the sap too so i cleaned out my farm stands on alcyon and brought another ~17k bark and ~12k sap.

I definitely won’t be doing any more tree farming tonight. It does get boring whacking my trunk but hey, the coin is good :joy:

I haven’t been interested to hunt lately and the last time I went the game just locked up over and over when a meteor fell near grass or trees. Time to buy some oort for the first time ever.

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Nothing like whacking your trunk hey…Lol… I don’t mind it but yea it get boring…we need some really big ones in the higher their planets

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tap, tap, tap

Keep up my new supplies

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Only 30 stacks today, but i did get some yams lol.

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Stop it you mad man! I keep buying it all lol

But it wasn’t all gone. :confused:

Anyways they’re full again.

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