Sap - not in resource tab?

^ Subject is question. Kinda thinking not since it’s a random drop from foliage, but flint shows up and I thought that was a random from rocks…

I don’t have all the worlds in my locations–about 12 or so–and not a single one mentioned sap.

On that subject where is a good place to farm enough sap to fill a pool?
I gots glue that needs making. For science. And tools. Mostly tools.

It drops from Tree Trunks! you’d be farming Foliage all night! =P

Go to Arie. Big trees, great sap =D

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Er… right, right! Trunks.
Was totally testing you… you passed! Hurrray!

(Thanks! :sweat_smile:)

3x3 axe on trior will net you a smart stack of sap in about 2 hours depending on how well you can grapple to the top of the trees

Any Placid or Temperate World is good for Sap. Just get an Axe and whack away at the base of all trees, running from tree to tree. Don’t mess with grapples or fancy footwork, there are plenty of trees and they regenerate quickly. Also, you don’t need a high-powered 3x3, just a regular Copper Axe and a few points invested in Axe Skill and Power Attribute so you can one-shot.

On the other hand, trees on higher-tier Worlds also drop Bark, and grappling will get you out of the way of Hoppers and Spitters on those Worlds. You’re going to need Bark; start stockpiling it now.

Not sure, but I think the resource page only shows resources you can put in an Atlas (basically ores and surface resources) I haven’t tried but I doubt sap can go in an Atlas. Flint can, because it drops from the surface boulders.

Anything that’s only obtainable as a % drop from common blocks, like sap and bark, won’t show.

Side note - it would be cool if you could get sap from some surface resource. I really don’t care to chop down entire forests just to meet my glue needs

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It does show sap and bark. It’s just after the foliage/seeds

Sap is in the knowledge tab, but there are two possibilities for why you can’t see it. One is the fact that you unlock more of the knowledge tab as you level and gain crafting skills. So you may not have unlocked it yet (seems weird being a low end resource but the unlocking isn’t well explained) or if you cycle through any of the filters you can only find what would be in those filters. Normally if you have no filter in place and you select a copper tool for example, you can then click glue in its ingredients and it will take you to glue and then sap from its ingredients and you go to sap. But if you are in the tools filter it won’t let you go to glue etc.

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Isn’t the OP talking about the World Resources list under Places, not the knowledge tab?

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::facepalm:: ya, probably. I misread that. I’ll let myself out =P

2hrs? You must be joking. In 2hrs I don’t think I’d have enough room in my inventory for all the smart stacks of sap I’d have

Well some of us work harder then others it’s okay :ok_hand:

Nah. 3x3, fast brew, persisting pie, and regen Bombs. Go towards the top of a tree, chop straight down. Throw regen chop straight down. Rinse and repeat. More wood and sap than you’d know what to do with.

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Thanks everyone for your replies!

After I wake up to a functional level and get my weekend chores done I’ll check these out. :smiley: