[Sarra II] --[Savage Blink Exoworld]--

I usually don’t have issues with players near me mining on the lucent worlds. Most players are there to do their own thing just like everyone else.

happy for ya bud.

I usually wait to do clean up when there a day left it becomes vacant

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Yeah I went to the last Rift world pretty early and had a group of people come to where I was mining and basically tried to push me out of the spot lol Not worth my time to go honestly unless there is a rare color I want. Otherwise, there is nothing really game changing on exos anyway in my opinion.

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I’ve had people try to push me out to but u usually just ask them to leave or mine to a diff spot. If ur being harassed then PM a dev to get it sorted. People bully or grief in games. I’ve seen it and dealt with it once in this game. That’s why I usually take a partner. Ur less likely to have it happen. If u wanna try again tonight bill be on and will gladly go. Just message me. I want u to enjoy every aspect of the game. Cause truth exos are alot of fun

I was incredible how much blink and gems left today. I sure did the same you did. Went on a rock mission and went back for all else twice :smiley:


I went on a blink mission and found mostly rocks. Wanna swap? :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: @Mittekemuis


Doing pretty good on the blink here, and all the other stuff I get makes blink mining VERY profitable. :smiley:

A few more pics -


Ashen taupeeeeee I was worried I wouldn’t see this again for a long time!

Completed the atlas in 45 mins :fist_left::expressionless::fist_right:

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Haha, having the exact same issue! 2 hammers, 102 blink :confused:
I mean, i mined enough gold/silver and ruby to more than pay for my trip. But i just want more blink :frowning:

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U beat me 156 blink 3 hammers

Still a lot around, its just in small hot spots.


damn I had 150+ blink for 1 hammer and I thought it was poor…

I have never ever hoarded as much metarock as this ashen taupe forced me to. I had to make new chests just for this exo. :smiley:

I need to get a fully explored atlas and just pound the pavement a few hours

I’m dead already and they still try to come after me…


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