Savage worlds/ boundless cosmology

So the way I see the boundless universe is like a galaxy. At the center you have core worlds like sollum and the rest and then it slowly spiral out into the frontier worlds. So the core worlds will probably be best to start new players. Probably a center for portal hubs and guild halls. Consequently due to high population resources will be fairly contested and real estate will be hard to find. So the outer frontier will be appearing to seek resources and land. However on these worlds or maybe just some using the savage description. Pvp will could be on, allowing for pirates and bandits killing travelers and explorers for gold


That’s more or less the plan, minus the uh… Kill! Maim! Burn! parts. There will be tougher monsters and hostile environments and greater rewards though. This game is focused on pve and community gameplay.

Though believe me, I’d love to collect me some skulls for the skull throne…


Oh I believe that’s entirely the point. It’s just the other point is economy and roles. I think this benefits that aspect. Risk=reward. If I am an explorer and I know certain planets have pvp but valuable rewards I will hire guards and guides. Maybe get an insurance claim. Think about it. What if killers acquire infamy and have bounties on their head. I want to be a judge dredd/boba fett style bounty hunter or police. Collecting bounties on outlaws. Plus collieseums need to be a thing. Also giant guild battles. Don’t get me wrong I already love the community and don’t want to take away the focus but I think this would be an interesting addition


There was mentions of designated pvp areas, but general idea is to not make players have to do pvp, i.e. not making those areas special in any other way than that they are pvp. Players who choose to not pvp should not be handicapped :slight_smile: Though if in pvp you can loot defeated player than it is kinda special :wink: