Say, do you remember?

I would never have thought that someone like you exsisted
You tried to take me over but I have resisted
I fought you twice once upon a time
I thought you once knew what is an crime
You murdered and robbed me
You laught at and shocked me
I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgett
You’ll never be with me, I hope you’ll regrett

My love, my life, my child and my wife
My memory, my feelings, my shoe and my knife
My heart, my arm, my leg and my mind
All got stolen by you and you think you have the right?

Do you really loved me? I know that I tried
But thats the wrong way to get me on your side

Say, do you remember, once upon a time
When you fell off the swing and started to cry?
I’ve barely even knew you, but I lend you my hand
We never met before but you asked me to see you again

These times I remember, the times we first met
This times are long over and you have to live yet
Forgett the past and all the things back then
Forgett that you knew me and even when
You see me, you hear me, you remember that day
The best you can do now is not to get in my way

Say, do you remember, once upon a time
When your date has jilted you and you started to cry?
I was there for you I’ve been trying to help
But you accepted his apology and have wished me farewell

These times I remember, the times we we’re young
I prepared an song for you but so stayed unsung
You probably forgott that, well better it is
I tried to lend you my shoulder and you took his

Say, do you remember, once upon a time
When I took you up skydiving and you thought you can fly?
I thought it might help you to see the world from up the sky
See that problems mean nothing if you have fun from time to time

These times I remember, the times we we’re close
I wish we would still be like that and the time would have froze
You’ve been so happy back then and your smile gave me strength
Whenever we’ve bet, you beat me by length

Say, do you remember, when I lost my mind?
I’ve lost all my hope and the world wasn’t kind
You didn’t forgott that, you not even knew
That was the time when we have been through

These times I remember, the times without you
Without my honey I had an complete new view
I saw the world diffrent, had no strength for my job
I lost my apartment and I had to rob

All these years I helped you and tried to give you the best
You never really loved me and throw me away like I had the the Pest

Now after all this years you found me again
You tried to get me back after you thow away Glenn
But you realized I was happy, my life was complete
You’ve had your chance but you just thought I would cheat

Your jealous mind conected one with two
And the outcome was that the wrong person was you
You didn’t accept it, you did not even try
So the last thing you thougth of was your last goodbye

You did not want to live without me, you realized
But killing yourself was, what a surprise
Not the only option you saw, and so you decide
Not to kill only yourself but also ruin my life
By first killing my child and then my wife

After you’ve done that you found me alone
Tried to get me back, well my wife she was gone
I rejected you, told you that I wish you were dead
And now I am looking at my own body cause you choped off my head

You did want me to love you my dear, and I loved you so much
But thats the sad end of our story we just grew appart

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brought a tear to my eyes.

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hahaha silly man you are

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