Scarcity Colour sheet for Active EXO-Planet

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Now with now Color Finder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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You’re a lifesaver, thank you.


Thanks forn doing this. I have a small request for additional annotation of the rocks and any other resources that can be block changed from Perma planet resources.

For example, the igneous rock on Danaus Borl is marked green for “unique on this exo” and is Stale Red Colour #80. According to the colour chart I have there is no Stale Red rock of any kind (Igneous Metamorphic or Sedimentary) on any Perma planet so Stale red Igneous rock from Danaus Borl is truly unique and worth gathering and stockpiling if you like the colour.

On the other hand Kille has Colour #85 Warm Yellow igneous rock and is marked green on your doc for “unique on this Exo,” which is technically correct. But you can get Warm Yellow sedimentary rock on Besevrona, Serpensarindi, and Alnitans and block change it to igneous. So for some people it may not be worth gathering and stockpiling the Kille Warm Yellow igneous because if they want it or its derivatives at some point they should be available from block changing Perma planet Warm Yellow sedimentary.

Anyway, my point is if you could somehow flag rock type and colour combinations on Exos that are truly unique and that are unavailable by block change from Perma planet rocks in the way that Stale Red igneous on Danaus Borl is that would be great. Maybe you could do the same for woods and any other resource that can be acquired via block changing something available on Perma planets? Thanks again for your efforts on this-your charts are super useful.

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It is! Look at the Grey/red Part. if you sie RED is only on this planet and you cant have it with blockchange

MAybe this can Help your

T5 Inaktive

Hi, in the big spreadsheet what is 1E, 1P, 1P/2E, et cetera? Thanks

E = Exo-Planet
P = Perma-Planet
1,2 … = number for planets from this typ have this item in this color