Can we please get scarecrows like the snow”citizens” @james we have farms with crops that should be watched over. Or at least “monsters” like the snow people we had for winter


Yes. Please.


This is the wrong group for it, as this is posted in Creations. I’ve moved it to Suggestions instead, to make it more fitting. No worries, it’s a common mistake. øwøb

That aside; I agree this would be neat to have some day.


I’ve posted about scarecrows in every “creation,Halloween, event” chat I can. If we got snow CITIZENS we should get scarecrow or Halloween citizens this time around

Not just pumpkins or skulls

Also not trying to be mean or an ass but it was posted in suggestions. Which a scarecrow like the snow citizens is a suggestion. Just like people suggest Umbris or rift. Or sell or buy prices on mob drops. :innocent:

Nah, it actually was in Creations. As I said, it’s probably a misclick or something on your part. Happens to us all from time to time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But even if it was a miss click doesn’t it still fall under suggestion? Or creation? Sense it could be both or either. Or maybe neither?

So a scarecrow “created” like the snow citizens isn’t a creation? So the snow citizens are considered what? Everything in the game is a creation. Gleambow event (not a creation) snowball meteors (not a creation). Everything is boundless is a creation no matter how you see it or justify it. Everything is a creation the devs or community make

The Suggestions category is for suggestions to improve the game, while the Creations category is for player-made builds along with screenshots to show it off.
It should give you a brief description when you select categories, to help know which categories best suit things.

I recall there was a thread a few weeks ago about “Scarecrows” to keep beasts and such from spawning nearby, which then devolved into ScareCUTTLES.
Scarecuttles would have been extremely adorable, and definitely perfectly themed for the game.

Plus it’d mean I could prevent random Wildstock from drowning itself in my farm about 8 times an hour…