School of Forge

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Who would like to enroll for a class?

What kind of information would you like to get out of the class?

First Class Scheduled!!

Tomorrow @ 11:00AM EDT / 4:00 PM UTC

Intro to the forge, Player Spec’s and Machine Basics.

Class will Forge;
An AOE Iron Hammer with magnet.

This class is FREE but also a testing class to see how things go. Seating limited so please proclaim your interest early if you want a seat. Spectators are always welcome. I only ask that other Master Forgers watch my toes… Information overload is a real thing and lessons can easily get off track and waste time.

After classes, there will always be time for open Q/A

Location: Lacuna (Storis II) - Portals -
Gravidias Te P.S. Hub - “Lacuna” behind the Boori Portal.
Legendville Hub - Interior of central hub - “Emporium Nocturn”
Soon - portal from TNT Hub - TBD

THEN - leave building and follow the Road (Lacuna Drive) WEST until you run into the school.


I have to work but this sounds perfect! Exactly what I’ve been needing… I hope all goes well and another is planned for an evening time!

This is an awesome idea. I really hope you get a full boat.

Just a suggestion to those who may not need the classes and think it is a great idea and thing for Mittens to do, if you have a spare centraforge coil it would be great to give her one. She remarked that she was going to have six coils for each machine but as all of us who do some forging know, 24 is the best amount to have, and even if she can get only enough to make 12 or make just one with 24, it would be of help to her for the forged items that will do better on higher level machine.

My son has quit playing and so I swipped his coils to donate to her, not a lot but ever little bit helps.

since I have shut my shop down and have mats that I will never use I am going to give her some of them. The guild I am part of can use some and I will give her some to help her out. For those who have a shop it would be nice to also donate a few. I’m sure she would be more than willing to put up a sign where her students can see who donated and then know where they can buy the mats for their machines when they are able to do forging at their base. Even where they can find coils at, or even buy some metals for to make the tools they want to forge.

This is a great thing she is doing and I think it would be great for all of us to help her out. Just a suggestion, I know that if I was totally new I would love to attend some classes, and may try to attend a few just to learn some tricks I don’t know that could help me. I’m lousy at making tools so I can learn something that can help me do better with them.

I know that I would like to enroll if I can make it. For me the time in EST would be 12 noon.

As for what information I would like to get, to learn is what is the best mats to use. I know that there are gums, but how many are needed and which ones?

There is a forging guide, I will see if I can find the exact name and a link, but I wonder why some of the mats are suggested and why others aren’t. I know that I don’t use the vigor catalyst, don’t understand why some see it as important, so that could be explain to students who may be as unsure as I am.

Which gums are best, do you need to use just one or two and how do you pick the ones to use?

Are different gums used for different tools, such as what would be used in a hammer would be different than a shovel and why.

I know that is what I struggled with in learning to forge tools and gave up and have just focused on weapons and bombs.

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From a completely beginner’s point of view who has only read the in-game info (me):

  • I don’t even know the terminologies used (boon points, quirks, defects, vigor, etc.)
  • How feasible are the Guard paste? Are they the things you should definitely use or just a cherry on top?
  • Effects: what do they forge per type? Are all these trial and error and surprise on what the effect is based from the vague info of the gum name itself?
  • The forging process itself. When to use these paste, gums, etc.
  • What spec should a forger have?

So far here’s a couple of things I can think of right now.

Boon points are the points required to activate a boon. 1000 is a full bar. The slider bar is random so the more points you have the better your chances of landing a boon.

Quirks are semi bad boons that can be applied. Some are bad some are good and some are completely irrelevant.

Defects are bad no matter how you look at them. But sometimes can be semi irrelevant depending on the item you are forging. Ex: getting the energy drain defect on a grapple is kind of irrelevant but not good either.

Vigor/stability are a stat that most forge items cost to use. Gum for example uses 50 vigor. Fate paste 2 uses vigor and stability. When you run out of vigor you can’t add anything else to the forge. If you run out of stability the item will break.

Guard pastes work well depending on your forge deck layout. Ex: If you use draining 2 it adds a lot of quirk points. If you have the guard on I believe it cuts the amount gained in half so you would get double the amount of rolls so to speak.

Effects: you can learn by trial and error or use this which I still use
And I can’t tell you every skill you need but I think level 17 can give you enough points to be a full fledged forger.


These are the exact Questions I look to help answer!

My general curriculum will layout like this.

As a rule of thumb, 100 level classes will use one gum, 200 level - two gums, and 300 level - three gums.

Forging 101
Will help you understand the basic mechanics of the forge and answer the question “What is Stability, Flexibility, and Vigor?” We will also cover Character Skill points that help your forging ability. Classes will always forge an item using one gum

Forging 201
Will expand unto pastes and solvents. These classes will help answer the question, "When should I use Ingredients, and how can I be more efficient? We will also forge using two gums such as damage and AOE.

Forging 301
This is where things get tricky…Ideally I would like to discuss how to target three boons, minimize defects, and explore different strategies that other Master Forgers use. The problem is, this is seriously discouraging to do without an almost fully coiled forge. I have 6 per forge atm. 24 is fully coiled. Maybe for smaller classes, we can cannibalize other stations and use their coils to max out a few forges.

Fun Fact; Did you know coils have a priority to attach to? North then West. If you placed 4 machines equally around a coil, but placed the coil in the middle afterwards, The coil will attach to the North most machine, if there is no North machine, West takes priority. (I think it was North then West…)(Havn’t actually worried about that…ever)


That is what had always confused me, do I use one, two or three of the gums, do when I “spin the wheel” should I spin it one, two or three times, or even more?

To give a bit more info that I am sure Mittens (which I learned is a man, not a female) will explain, boons are put into the forge to get one of the benefit of the gums.

Go you want to make a hammer, put one in the forge, then go what do I want to have on my hammer? Do I want it to have devastating damage, be a hard hitter, energy saver, go fast, do I want something special such as auto harvest (magnetic collection)? That is where you pick the gum you want to place into the centraforge tray. But, the boon has a part of which of these you will get, because one gum can have two choices of a trait, good trait and bad depends on what you want. I think of the boons as Lady Luck, same in gambling; because forging is gambling in a way,

It is two rows with I don’t remember how many slots and everyone will have their own opinion of what should be in each slot.

So, you want your hammer to have devastating damage. Here is where you need to realize something, or at least this is a problem I have had. Once I put my tool or weapon in the forge, I can’t add anything else, that is a different gum or anything. So, before you place your hammer, decide what gums, pastes, and other mats you will need to make your hammer.

Most will keep what they use the most in the tray slots, so they don’t have to go and get them every time they forge, boons 2 and 3, boon removal 3, deconstruct resin, setting resin and others, that you will learn more about in the school, I won’t touch on those here.

That means the gum you will put into the forge is Effect, but it can also give you hard hitter. With using one gum, that won’t matter, if you are higher level and want more traits (I’m not even sure if that is the right word) you would also use another gum, such as Ease for energy saver or critically lucky.

Here is where you will learn the bane of forging. Random Generated, basically RNG. Even though you will NOT have added the gum that will give you a trait.

You’ve picked your gum, placed it and the other items, some that I mentioned, more that I haven’t can be added. Boons are 1, 2, and 3. They increase the amount in the slider, hopefully we will learn more about it, that is all that I know in it picking which number of boon. Where the wheel lands on the spin is where you choose which boon. There are three boxes on the left side. Each box has a line and you don’t seen a “slider” but it will go up and down in that line depending on, you guessed it, random gen.

First, the number 3 boon, push to spin, you see the lights, hear the spinning sounds and watch, sometimes holding your breathe, as you wait to see what you get, will it be devastating damage or hard hitter? Random Gen raises it nasty head, even though you haven’t put in any gum that can give you glow in the dark, it shows up. That is easy to take care of, just be ready to see that happen, sometimes it is something nice so don’t let it bother you to much, just be prepared for the odd trait to show up.

You will see the longer line that is the height of the box with yellow going up and down, you will also see the slider, when it is finished, that is when the trait shows up in one of the three boxes. It is close to the top and a trait has shown up. You can pick to add another 3 boon, or go with number 2, if close to the top to save your boons, I would be going with number 2 boon, the higher number, the more expensive to make. It spins again, you can get the trait you want and with the one that you got earlier, if you left it in, it can increase, go from level 1 to level 2, or it may have started at level 3, random gen again.

How many times you add the boon to the forge depends on how much you have, now high you want the level to be, which can depend on what you are going to use it for. High enough level in your skills that you can hit on a level 2 planet one strike with a unforged hammer and bust rock, you may be willing to stop at level 5 or 7 and save your boons. Then, you will do the last step. It can also depend on how much vigor and stability you have left in the forge, another topic.

Setting resin, that is the finishing item added to the forge. You place the setting resin in the forge, spin and wait for it to set what you have decided on. It will ding, and let you know it is not being forged, it can take around a hour for it to finish the forging, this isn’t done in a few minutes.

To give you a idea of some of the gums that you may be using, and what they can give you: Tools:
• Energy Saver (Ease)
• Busy Bee (Lightness)
• Critically Lucky (Ease)
• Hard Hitter (Effect)
• Devastating Damage: (Effect)
• Flanker’s Force (Special)
• Heavy-Duty (Longevity)
• Glow (Glow)
• Magnetic Collector (Special)

More info will be given on these I am sure in class, each one can have a sub-category, such as Flanker’s Force in a hammer can have where you will hit one block, or maybe one block and one on the left side, or one above and below, or other combinations, one most wanted is the AOE, area of effect, that means all around it, all three sides. Great when on high level planets and you want to really go through the rocks to get to what you want. Can also be a expensive tool to make.

Hope this helps and wasn’t too long to read. Mittens will cover a whole lot more than I have here, give more indepth info and can answer more questions.

hope this works, here is the link to the forging guide and can be very helpful.

guess what I have called traits are really called boons, learn something new.

This is great :blush: I haven’t forged in forever, but it’s great to see this going on!

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Very excited to see this. And as an update, Lacuna is now the planetary home for the TNT network as well. Simply go through the tall Storis portal at the bottom of the hub. There is also a sign on the floor in front of the portal labeled “Lacuna” for extra confirmation.

I believe the forge school is in the same building that the TNT monolith is in. (Correct me if Im wrong Mittins)

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Not Quite,

To get to the school you have to physically run WEST. Because I am cheap and don’t want to fund a portal, AND I want people to appreciate our City. It is super easy to get to tho. Follow the road (LACUNA DRIVE) on the NORTH SIDE of the Emporium (our portal hub with the new TNT portal) and run West. You will see it.

I can donate 24 coils for the next class you have.

How did your first class go? I was unable to make it, back is really acting up, yesterday was rare good day but Sat and Sun were bad days.

Anyhow, hope players showed up to attend the classes. If not, give it time.

I would love to take a forging class. It seems so complex, I have tried and just don’t understand forging, I am definitely sick of buying forged items. Would love to know how to forge. Thank you for giving the community the opportunity.

I’ll be around for the next 2 hours or so,

Class in 30 Minutes

Is this still a thing?

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Yes it is.

What’s your flavor?

Just wanna be an al-around better forger.