School of Forge

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Are you interested in Forging but not sure how to navigate the RNG of the forge?
Are you tired of purchasing tools and would like to forge your own?
Are you just plain curious?

COMING SOON - The School of Forge !!

I have posted back in February to determine if the general community would be interested in taking a Forging class in-game from a Forge Master (Self-Proclaimed**).

I am now pursuing that idea further and I am in construction of Boundless’ first dedicated forging School.

  • I will have stations with coiled forges and forging materials on hand for students.
  • Classes will be about 30 minutes long.
  • First classes will be simple intro to forging type classes. “Forging 101”
  • Students will be given specific ingredients to forge specific items such as an Iron AOE hammer without damage.
  • Future classes will be more in depth, expanding on using multiple gums and pastes.
  • Students keep what they forge and may purchase additional mats for personal use, but I am not really into the sale of mats.
  • Celebrity Master Forgers will be invited to provide additional classes and strategies on forging.


Because I enjoy playing Boundless. I believe many players are apprehensive to tackle the RNG of the forge and could use a little nudge in the rite direction. I really just want to add more in-game elements to help evolve the Boundless world. I would like to see the boundless world become more than Hub’s and Shops and footfall collectors. If this idea fails, I didn’t lose anything but Time, If it succeeds, cool ;)))

Who? “Qualifications”
In-Game “Quazel”
I have been forging since official release. My brother and I play, so I had to specialize somewhere and have studied the forge extensively. My wonderful wife is a phenomenal teacher and I have her consultation to run a classroom. I am also the owner of Q-Mart.

Where - Lacuna - Storis II
Portal from P.S. Gravidias Te HUB - the “Lacuna” portal up behind the Boori portal.
Legendvill HUB - inner ring, Big portal - “Emporium Nocturn”
THEN RUN WEST. exit the building to the north, follow the road west and you will find it on the same road.
(Thank you shop scanner) You can now search for a forge ingredient and tag the location.

When - Ends in “Y”
Scheduled Saturday morning classes for USE players. That’s Saturday afternoon/evenings for EU players.
No classes scheduled yet, But I will post in common Discord Channels upcoming times when they are scheduled. Also, random weeknight classes for USE. Other master Forgers may fill other time slots.

How -
The School will have a guild book. You must be a member to use the school.

Also be on the look out for the Boundless Meteor League TOURNAMENT.


Great idea man, absolutely awesome. I’ve been toying with this idea for sometime except I was trying to somehow work out how I could “build” something to share the information necessary on signs, this was looking to be an overwhelmingly large build, planetary scale build to explain it all, may great city build to explain the basics, haha.

I had thought about streaming, or making youtube videos but that really isn’t me and typing it out in a document feels a lot like work and no one wants to read a 500 page essay on forging. But you know I had never even considered a teacher in front of a classroom with his students each at a forge, brilliant!


Yea great idea

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I can offer up the ultimech Forge up for a class.


Thats what I like to hear!

I would Like to hear from other Master Forgers as well…

Golden Fist?
Iconic? They will need to know how to make bows…

Pay attention or be disintegrated!!

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This is amazing!! I think it’s so cool that something like this is able to exist within a game. Good job guys/gals!! :+1::+1::+1::star2::star2::star2::star2:


Are you suggesting a trap door of lava over head?


Probably more effective than electric shock treatment!

But I was kinda referring to the idea of a classroom of students looking up at a teacher in the cockpit of the mech, the view alone would ensure discipline I think.


Discipline is a must in classrooms.

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Id be happy to come teach if your interested.


I would love your help! At some point we will have to have a meeting of the minds and discuss class curriculum with all willing teachers. Who can progress into Professors. Who can progress into Dr’s of Forging!

And I will be the headmaster to rival Dumbledore!!


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I would like to enroll my self to this class please. I just hope the schedule will fit mine as I’m somewhat at the other side of the globe. :slight_smile:

Perfect timing as I was planning to understand forging yesterday for the first time but was surprised how little info I’ll get from just the game’s description. It seems like I have to do a lot of trial and error for me to understand it alone which is not a good idea for me right now because I only have a very limited materials.

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I would be interested in it, if I could be able to attend, health issues could interfere.

Would it help if I would bring mats with me? I do forging of weapons, grapples and bombs, not the best at them but fairly good and did have a shop just don’t have the time to forge, cook and have a shop and gather mats. But, could bring if not all at least some to help out. Just tell me what I would need.

I have or could make all the mats I would need except the road runner feathers,
hording those, LOL

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You are always welcome to have anything in your inventory. I think there will need to be a provided Deck* for everybody to make things consistent. But if you included some compounds in addition to what the class requires that’s perfectly fine!

I’ll get back to you with requirements and such, as the school is still under construction. Classes won’t be scheduled until after completion. I hope that will be in a week. Two weeks tops.

Class sizes will be limited to 14 students. So far, I will have 6 coils per forge, eventually adding more.

This would help several people who wish to improve their forging skills

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Who would like to enroll for a class?

What kind of information would you like to get out of the class?

First Class Scheduled!!

Tomorrow @ 11:00AM EDT / 4:00 PM UTC

Intro to the forge, Player Spec’s and Machine Basics.

Class will Forge;
An AOE Iron Hammer with magnet.

This class is FREE but also a testing class to see how things go. Seating limited so please proclaim your interest early if you want a seat. Spectators are always welcome. I only ask that other Master Forgers watch my toes… Information overload is a real thing and lessons can easily get off track and waste time.

After classes, there will always be time for open Q/A

Location: Lacuna (Storis II) - Portals -
Gravidias Te P.S. Hub - “Lacuna” behind the Boori Portal.
Legendville Hub - Interior of central hub - “Emporium Nocturn”
Soon - portal from TNT Hub - TBD

THEN - leave building and follow the Road (Lacuna Drive) WEST until you run into the school.


I have to work but this sounds perfect! Exactly what I’ve been needing… I hope all goes well and another is planned for an evening time!

This is an awesome idea. I really hope you get a full boat.