Scrap The Death Penalty For Newbies

I woke up not ready for this :joy:


Problem with this, if you ask a friend to revive you and they don’t get there within a set time limit, the game FORCES you back to the sanctum and makes you EAT the death penalty whether you wanted it or not. That I don’t agree with.

Also, the sound loop that plays from the game when you’re dead is so very aggravating. Is there an option to disable it, and ONLY that sound? (Maybe also the whiny out of energy moans and groans too?)


Absolutely no doubt that the Death Penalty is a punishing, un-needed and player-unfriendly concept.
Death itself is penalty enough.

A better punishment would be to have the Elder at the Sanctum either making lightly fun of the player or speaking like a disappointed-dad.
If you’ve played some Hades recently, you might know Hypnos.


I hate the death penalty debuff with a passion. It may as well be a big middle finger at the bottom of the screen reminding you that you died 20 minutes ago. I do not understand why this mechanic brings some people joy. Why have it in the game at all? (Rhetorical question, of course. I don’t really want answers.)

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They don’t stack or I would always have the penalty 24/7 :laughing:


Thanks, folks … the non-stacking thing does make me feel better, but I can’t believe it took going online to find that out.

However the fact that quite often it happens when you’re chasing something you need, so you go back to where you were … and … boom … dead again… GRAH.

Still … this here … this is the main thing that is still bugging me that DK said in another thread…

Given that we really do want to expand / build with at least one of our characters, it stands to reason that this actually makes the whole thing a joke.

That statement from DK is not a real loss thing, its a statement about the amount of experience that is absorbed by the death penalty and how that equates to cubits used for purchasing plots… and even at that I think the math may be off, but I will have to do some testing to know for sure.

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Yeah I’m not 100% sure that one had the correct math

Penalty is 10,000 XP right? So that’s 1/20 of a level, and a level gives 10 plots, so one death penalty equals 1/2 a plot?


That sounds more correct, I am testing it now with an alt to be sure.

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That’s if you’re at level 50 tho keep in mind

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So, yeah, just … … y’know … when you look at it from the angle that it’s taking any plots away, especially if you’re new … that’s really bloody harsh.

I go with it and dont care because it always could be worse. Also without the death penalty, desth in game would jave no meaning. Might as well not make death a thing at that point.

I too remember the days of losing tool durability on death. That was not fun. Players complaining on current desth penalty have either not known or forgotten the feeling of losing tools just cause you died. A couple tines.

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No plots are lost or ‘taken away’. It just takes a little longer to earn them.

When you hit level 50 you will have the same number of (possible) plots as any other player reaching level 50. I only say “possible” because it’s possible you could spend those cubits on other items.


But surely your possible plot amount is lessened if you’ve lost the ability to actually get them in the first place, no?

You never lose the ability to get them tho. Some levels just might take longer to get to. Just like some levels will be faster if you’re eating teaching foods

Keep death penalty all around for everyone. No need to provide training wheels for every aspect of the game. Unless everyone wants it to go back to how it was back when, you die and tools loss durability is how I believe it used to be.

So you just keep levelling up indefinitely? That’s brill!

I thought that levelling up was the only way to get cubits, no?

Why does it have to be one way or the other?

Seriously, it really does hurt the desire to play on if you know you’re literally progressing slower.

Speaking as both a newbie and someone that’s terrible at this … the pain is reeaaaaallll … :weary:

Yeah, it keeps going forever. I think I’m still sub 100, but there are some people…

As you go you learn to be careful and get the death penalty less. There has to be a negative aspect applied if you die. Removing from new players experience what will they think when they all the sudden are receiving a death penalty. Having it from day one makes it so people know what it is and chance to get used to it.

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