Scrolling items and beacon plotter broken?

I’ve just been trying to work with the beacon plotter and found a small bug. Just FYI, I’ve restarted multiple times over multiple days. I’m running Boundless from Steam. I don’t remember this being a problem before, but I could have just missed it until now.

The issue:
When my beacon plotter is placed in my left quick access bar, I cannot scroll to it with my mouse wheel. If it is in my right quick access bar, it works just fine. But, as soon as I place it in my left bar, I can’t scroll to it. If I just placed it in my left QA bar, then it’s equipped and works fine. If I change off of it to another tool in my left hand, I can no longer scroll back to it. I have to uneqiup and reequip it to get it to work in my left bar.

One other quirk with it: When I scroll clockwise, the selector stops at the item before the beacon plotter. When I scroll counterclockwise, it just skips over the beacon plotter.

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Mines almost always in my left hand. I’ve found that I have to double scroll on my mouse wheel (if that makes sense, jumping two spots) to select it generally.