Scrolls and books

There were a few things that made me think about it. I know there is something in plans as there were some art concepts of scrolls posted although it might have been as decoration only.

Spitters Maw and the last building competition as well as a build I’m planning made me think of scrolls that could be readable and placed in locations like that with instructions and rules as well as tips and guidance etc.

Later it would be nice to have participants and winners and all time scorers put in books that would be displayed in houses etc. Maybe have an option to pit links to forum topics in text as well blah blah
You know yourself. :wink:

EDIT: scrolls with ability to pin them to walls and builds, and expiring after a day week or month depending on players plot permissions. Players would be able to organize announcement walls and poles that way.


i like this. maybe introduce a spell type weapon, like taking spark, a book, and an ore/gem combination. (ruby to make a fireball?) make use of stamina, or fury/focus that are currently placeholders lol


Books and scrolls could be used to carry recipes. A player without a skill required to craft an item would be able to do it using such scroll or book recipe and this way craft items ahead of his learning progression.


I’d like to expand This a bit with player written books. I’ve mentioned it before but I think player written books would be awesome. You would write your book on scrap paper of some sort and then craft the book from that. You could single craft bulk craft or mass craft this book. The book would display the number of copies crafted, the date it was published, a title, and the authors name.this would allow rare books with valuable knowledge and common books like a new player guide. This is also the coolest way to document the lore we find throughout the world post 1.0 and we could keep it in a central library somewhere for all to come and look at.


I loved it then and still do!
We need books!