Search by color in knowledge search

I think that in a game with so many colored blocks and items and so focused on building stuff, the search by color should be in game. I’ve spent hours searching for a specific item and it’s not so fun visiting tons of shops on multiple worlds sometimes with no results at all.
And yes i’m using butt to help me find things

I think when knowledge search came there were notes that developers want to extend it by able to search more with forge traits and colours. Maybe some day there will be also those, now it is better use communication channels for something specific.

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I’m using forum, discord and the chat in game but are inefficent systems. The knowledge tab is already in game and do almost all the works i need and i think that MAYBE for developers would be not so hard to add color search to it.

Here’s what i work with when hunting color specific.

it’s a great resource.

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Yes it’s really useful when you want to do it by yourself and we use it a lot, but when you want to buy something is less helpful :slight_smile:

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