Searching for gem Shields and Sword in Testing? Come to my store!

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Since the new swords and shields aren’t in the Cheat menu, I created the ugliest shop in the block to serve you all, with the most expensive goods in all of the Testing servers, selling everything at an incredible price of 0c!

So, come and take a look! Right now, the shop is the capital of the planet Muntel.

*The first clients will receive a 50% off discount, resulting in a final price of nothing.
**We (me) also offer refreshments to our costumers! ( Theres a pond nearby).

btw, sorry if this is in the wrong category.


Do you provide some new critters to test them on :thinking: :smile:

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There are spitters and wildstock walking around on the test starter planet.

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Oh, I wish :face_with_monocle:. There’s always some hoppers around. They seem to love the pond. And some spitters. But, except those, there’s no other mobs around.