Seasons for everything

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A dark mist condensed upon the surface of Meoukor, a warning to what was going to happen next. The known worlds at the time were going to be thrown into chaos, the rulers were overthrown and it was only a matter of time before the worlds were to be in anarchy. The resulting conflicts lasted for many blinkyears.

A forge-oort, an oortian who best worked with a crafting table and forge was to help save the oortians. This specific oortian was the main engineer behind a project to save the known worlds. This project was led by the person who controlled the “sanctum” ship in which all the oort who had fallen came back. This creature they created was called “Dev” or :oort_d: :oort_e: :oort_v: by the oort. They used this creation to lead the known worlds, and peace was restored. Alas, things must change and the oortians decided to move from their homeworlds, which had been protecting the known worlds from a looming threat that had been coming. The threat was a comet coming to destroy the known worlds, and that it did without the protection of the creation.

They had moved to a different system, trying to get to their original target. They had failed in doing that again, aiming for a faint orange star in the horizon. They were looking for paradise, but had landed on what we call today the ancient planet of Andoweem, or :oort_a: :oort_n: :oort_d: :oort_o: :oort_w: :oort_e: :oort_e: :oort_m:. This world was harsh, but they had to uproot their flourishing past civilization in an effort to stop overcrowding. There is a time for everything, and they had to do this to save their worlds and cities.