Secret Forge


So ive just about finished my forge shop; Secret Forge
I realise that posting directions to the place somewhat negates the name… But what’s the point if no one knows where it is? :laughing:

Access is only through a portal in my Seraph Store. You can find portals to this in:
Portal Seekers shopping hub lamblis

Also accessible through Star Store on Arie, and Swarm of the Oortians on Dzassak (the Dzassak portal at Ultima HQ)

Currently stocking some decent diamond/titanium AoE hammers, Loot sticks, regen and health bombs, liquid breakers and a few other oddments
Also got a few stacks of ancient essence up for 3c each :slight_smile:


Awesome work! Can’t wait to check it out.


I’ll check it out for sure!


Ahh thanks, im rather proud of myself :blush: small things, eh? Lol


You might need to restock! My shopping finger is trigger happy! :grin:


<3 will be on later to restock and reforge (if thats a word) yay :smile:


Very cool, awesome work, I’ll come check it out too! :smiley:


Congrats Trickyy!!!


Very nice @Trickyy90