Security breach on

Good time of day, dear developers and web-administrators!
What the problem with **https://**
It has

Description: Your request on the specified host was not found. Check the location and try again.


This sertificate is valid only for *,
Error code is: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain

It’s only a little problem for users, but can be serious problem for Wonderstruck in future, I think.

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dont you need to use the ’ www.’ extension first

This time I only erased “forum.” from :innocent:
Here isn’t button “Main Page :house:

I have often wanted a ling to the main page from the forum.

Hmmm I seem to have a similar problem when trying to us the forum on firefox for mac

Yes, FireFox has some problems with sertificate.

Owner:		Information about owner of this site is absent.
Avowd:		Not declared