Seed Production

I’m a PS4 player, so just getting up to speed on farming, and have only tried the berries as of yet. I’m sure this has been discussed, but I didn’t see a post when searching.

I don’t understand the reason you can’t produce more seeds than you can gather. Not looking for massive quantities, but if I plant 100 plants then I think there should be at least a way to harvest 125 seeds or better yet it I plant 1000 plants 1400 return (of course there would be variations to returns based on setup and conditions, that would make it more fun and challenging). It creates a market and an incentive to use my plots to and make an actual farm. The introduction to farming insinuates a massive production farm, which I would love to do on a grand scale. But as I see it right now, I don’t really see the point for all my efforts. I’ll spend more time harvesting then enjoying farming. As I see it right now the farming model is for aesthetics or simply a support mechanic to supplement gathering. Please correct me if my rationale is wrong, conventional thinking does not necessarily apply to a video game but I’m having a difficult time seeing past that. I’m still impressed and happy with the update, just wishing to more than a bellybuttonless rock gobblin!


you can have a ratio higher than 1:1 on every crop except goo. You just need the right setup.

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@Kal-El was nice enough to post the results he was able to obtain… So in most cases you can get a higher seed return. This graphic is the percentage return of crops.


Yep, if you get ahold of koasmstress1, BruceBanner, Unieq, or Mayumichi (all TNT), I think they have farm builds for seed production.
I thought jiivita had a video too.

@Envyv77 @uni3k @Mayumichi @Jiivita

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A little error in this for Goo, it should be Goo on Sponge not rock.

The optiomized seed value is correct at the left, but to get this yield you need to be planted on sponge.

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Here’s my stats of what is possible… they give highest crop and seed ratios and an additional field for possible self-sustaining crops (i.e. not needing 2 separate fields, dedicated to either crop or seed).

Edit: a couple of notes in addition to the above:-

  • These are not fixed values - they just show the max possible outcome for each setup and, where applicable, 1 possible sustainable setup. You can tweak the sustainability of each setup to suit your own needs.
  • Goo can get up to 95% on seed return, but this is pointless, as rock does nothing to the Goo kernal. The value shown is when Goo is planted in Gleam (including Refined Gleam & Gleam Lanterns) to be able to mutate the Goo colour.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad to here those results are possible. Guess I just have to play around alittle more and go big or go home!! lol

On the goo you can get 215% crop and 75% seed with mutation aswell


Oh awesome - That’s really decent odds for a split on Goo!

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Your sustainability column makes no sense. It should be what percentage crop yield you get at 100% seed yield.

The 100% crop yield doesn’t matter at all for sustainability.

Yup there were a couple that I could only get close to 100%, which is why their values show up in red.

Some wouldn’t level out at 100% and went just over. It’s not an exact science :man_shrugging:

Well, it does need to be at least 100% as it’s not sustainable (sanity-wise) to not get any crop and just replant the same seed all the time.

I’m fine with the 48% crop yield on my exotic yams for now :slight_smile: It still gets me some yams while boosting seed production.

And juicy you can get to 80% crop, 99% seed.

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Best odds I can get for juicy star Berries is 106% seed and 16% crop. Same as @Stretchious chart.but I can see that it will take a lot of space to make it worth while.

Mayu put together an awesome site for this, last few columns have all the grow conditions/bonuses.

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So what exactly does that mean?. Does that mean you get one or the other? or you have that chance at getting one of each??

edit: Does luck and gathering epic apply to farming?

Generally speaking you cant get both crops and seeds out of the 1 setup… or not super efficiently at least. Best bet is to setup seed production, and crop production seperately.

E.g. combustion fragments… optimal seed setup gets you 110 seed/ 0 crop… but a different setup gets you 0 seed/220 crop.

So make a crop farm 1/10th of the size of the seed farm and in theory they should be self sustainable while pushing out 22% return on however big your seed farm is… give or take RNG.

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I guess in hindsight perhaps juicy starberry was the worst crop to start with lol. Thanks for the explanation.

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Haha… i also started with starberries then switched to others when i realised. Im sure theyre doable, but definitely easier ones to start with.

Wheat is an easy one. Sown in compact silt, surrounded by water/mud will give you 100 seed /110 crop. So that should be a flat 10% return in one farm.

Try the combustion fragments for a more interesting one, also pretty easy to get going but does need 2 different setups that work together so good for getting the hang of how it works.

Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try those next. Have loads of seeds already… it is fun regardless of the returns either way.


Nope for the gathering epic, Luck only affect the drop of wild seeds

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